Records of the Unitarian Universalist Merger of 1961


Since the middle of the 1800s, there have been several attempts to merge the Universalist and Unitarian Churches. See our timeline of significant dates in the merger process.

Below is a list of records related specifically to the Unitarian Universalist merger that occurred in 1961. These are not the only records that have to do with merger; in fact, many of the other records in this repository have to do with the merger in some way. The records listed below, however, relate to the merger in very specific ways.

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diagram of bms number components

Collection Number Records of Unitarian Universalist Merger Hollis Record
bms 10042 Biennial Conference, AUA, UCA, CLC--Program Committee, Administrative Records, Detroit, Michigan, 1955 AXY8234
bms 10014 Coordinating Committee on Consolidation. Reports and Correspondence of Interim Committees 1954-1961 AXY7959
bms 10038 Coordinating Committee on Consolidation. Minutes, February 10, 1960 - January 31, 1961 BKM6995
bms 10027 Council of Liberal Churches. Adult Education Publications Files AXY8300
bms 10032 Council of Liberal Churches. Annual Report, 1956-1957 AXY0089
bms 10054 Council of Liberal Churches. Central Administrative Subject Files AXY0089
bms 10003 Council of Liberal Churches. Division of Education "Superintendents Packets," 1954-56 AXY7828
bms 14001 Council of Liberal Churches. Division of Education (Subject Arrangement), 1825-1969 AXY8300
bms 10001 Council of Liberal Churches. Division of Education Administrative Subject Files, 1922-1968 AXY8268
bms 10002 Council of Liberal Churches. Division of Education, Administrative Subject Files, 1949-1964 AXY8268
bms 10047 Council of Liberal Churches. Division of Education, Miscellaneous Records, 1945-1958 AXY8268
bms 10011 Council of Liberal Churches. Division of Public Information Administrative Subject Files, 1953-1960 AXY8504
bms 10005 Council of Liberal Churches. Division of Public Information, Publications Files, 1935-1962 AXY8489
bms 10051 Council of Liberal Churches. Joint Commission on Church Union, History of Unitarian Universalist Comity AXY7837
bms 10043 Council of Liberal Churches. Joint Program Committee, Meeting Minutes, 1960 AXY8125
bms 10048 Council of Liberal Churches. Bulletins, handbooks, reports, by-laws, correspondence, 1953-1958 AXY0089
bms 10013 Council of Liberal Churches. Recording Secretary Administrative Subject Files, 1940-1961 AXY8582
bms 10055 Council of Liberal Churches. Resource Files: Church By-Laws; Chaplains AXY0089
bms 10053 Council of Liberal Churches. Scrapbook: News Clippings; photographs, n.d. AXY7796
bms 15001 Council of Liberal Churches. Audio-Visual Collection. Photographs of Churches AXY8371
bms 10039 Council of Liberal Churches. Senextet Conference on Standards Conference Reports and Papers, 1951-1952; 1954-1959; 1961-1962 AXY8251
bms 10033 Council of Liberal Churches. Miscellaneous Records, 1955-1964 AXY0089
bms 00054 Free Church of America, 1927-1937 BKL2411
bms 10036 Free Church of America, Merger Record Group, Report: May 12, 1932 AXY8259
bms 10045 Free Church of America, Miscellaneous Records and Correspondence AXY8259
bms 10012 Joint Commission on Merger. Administrative Subject Files, 1946-1964 004797894
bms 10028 Joint Commission on Merger. Correspondence, 1958-1960 004797894
bms 10052 Joint Commission on Merger. Reports, 1956-1960 (miscellaneous) 004797894
bms 10044 Joint Commission on Merger. Resource Files: Correspondence/Writings 18th and 19th Centuries 004797894
bms 10050 Joint Commission on Merger. Miscellaneous Records, 1954-1959 004797894
bms 01449 Joint Commission on Merger. Correspondence and Reports, 1953-1972 BLB4162
bms 10046 Joint Executive Boards, Miscellaneous Records, 1933-1960 AXY8389
bms 00471 Universalist Church of America. Merger records, 1950-1951 BKM2527
bms 00410 Universalist Church of America. General Assembly. Records, 1874-1960 (especially boxes 14-19) BKM0681
bms 00443 Universalists and Unitarians for Cooperation without Consolidation. Records, 1959-1960. BKM1452