bMS 10014

Coordinating Committee on Consolidation, Records of interim committees, 1954-1961

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Call Number: bMS 10014
Title: Coordinating Committee on Consolidation, Records of interim committees, 1954-1961
Repository: Harvard Divinity School Library, Harvard Divinity School,
45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
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HOLLIS Number:AXY7959
Preferred Citation:  Coordinating Committee on Consolidation, Records of interim committees, bMS 10014, Andover-Harvard Library, Harvard Divinity School
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Historical Information:

On May 23, 1960, the concurrent business meetings of the American Unitarian Association and the Universalist Church of America were held in Boston. At this meeting, five interim study committees were created in order to study five functions concerning the merger: a) the nominaton procedures, b) the mode of organization, c) fund raising, d) regional organization, and e) ministry. A Coordinating Committee on Consolidation was also created at this 1960 meeting, to coordinate the work of the five committees, to undertake additional studies and planning, and to cooperate with and report its activities to the AUA and UCA during the interim year, and make a final report to the UUA. This report of the CCC was issued at the Organizing Meeting of the Unitarian Universalist Association in Boston, Massachusetts in May, 1961.

Container List:

Box 1
American Unitarian Association Department of Ministry -- Development Fund Projection
Church and Fellowship Material 
Committee 1 --Nominations
Committee 2 --Correspondence
Committee 2 --Mailing of July 5
Committee 2 --Mailing of July 7
Committee 2 --Mailing of July 12
Committee 2 --Mailing of July 29
Committee 2 --Mailing of September 6
Committee 2 --Mailing of September 14

Box 2
Committee 2 --Mailing of September 16
Committee 2 --Mailing of September 19
Committee 2 --Material Distributed July 19
Committee 2 --Material Distributed August 19
Committee 2 --Minutes
Committee 2 --Original Draft of Report and Comments from RD's
Committee 2 --Papers on Structure
Committee 2 --"A philosophy of organization & administration" 
Committee 2 --Report --First Draft
Committee 2 --Report to Committee 4

Box 3
Committee 2 --Working Papers
Committee 3 --Correspondence
Committee 3 --Extra Copy of Material (1-2)
Committee 3 --Minutes, July 26, 1960-Dec. 28, 1960
Extension Department --Services Available to Unitarian Churches and Ministers (1-2)
Fund Raising, Committee on
Committee 3 --Minutes of interviews held, 12-1-60
Committee 3 --The Final Recommendation, draft, 12-28-60 
Committee 4 --Report, Jan. 24, 1961 and October 4, 1960
Committee 5 --Report and final recommendation

Box 4
(1)Interviews with several Unitarians and Universalists on the consolidation process,
(2)United Unitarian Appeal
(3)"The Organization and Administration of the UUA: The Report of the Coordinating Committee on Consolidation and the Reports & Recommendations of the 5 interim committees" draft and final version
(4)"We Meet to Organize" program for May, 1961 meeting of the UUA in Boston.