Laymen's League


Founded in 1919, the Unitarian Laymen's League was for its first fifteen years the major fund-raising arm of the AUA. In addition, it financed preaching missions and recruited ministerial candidates. In May 1962, the Unitarian Laymen's League and the National Association of Universalist Men merged to form the Unitarian Universalist Laymen's League. Its stated objectives were to "stimulate interest in religious and social problems, to encourage friendly relations among men of the Unitarian and Universalist faiths, and to aid in the advancement of liberal religious ideas."

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Collection Number Laymen's League Hollis Record
bms 12151 Association of Universalist Men. (UCA) Correspondence File, 1956-1960 AXW2582
bms 01201 Laymen's League. (AUA & UUA) Executive Director Records, 1951-1971; 1974 AXV6426
bms 01203 Laymen's League. (AUA & UUA) Records (includes dissolution records, 1926-1965; 1975-1979 AXV3615
bms 01208 Laymen's League. (AUA & UUA) Auditor reports, 1941; 1943-1968 AXV6426
bms 01205 Laymen's League. (AUA & UUA) Continental Council Records, 1951-1974 AXV4150
bms 01210 Laymen's League. (AUA & UUA) Subject Files and Committee Records, 1953-1979 AXV1996
bms 11073 Laymen's League. (AUA & UUA) Executive Committee Meeting Records, 1919-1963 AXV1205
bms 01204 Laymen's League. (AUA & UUA) Handbooks, 1964-1966 AXV3757
bms 11176 Laymen's League. (AUA) 1954 letter from Ben Bagdikian to H. Talbot Pearson BMQ7837
bms 11163 Laymen's League. (AUA) Administrative Records, 1955 AXV1192
bms 11072 Laymen's League. (AUA) Administrative Subject Files, 1930-1961 AXV1192
bms 11078 Laymen's League. (AUA) Annual Meeting Minutes, 1920-1927; 1953-1960 AXV1198
bms 11107 Laymen's League. (AUA) General Correspondence, 1955-1960 AXV1192
bms 01425 Laymen's League. (UUA) Annual Meeting Records, 1965 AXV1996
bms 01206 Laymen's League. (UUA) Continental Council Correspondence Records, 1956-1975 AXV4150
bms 01426 Laymen's League. (UUA) Correspondence, 1966 AXV2617
bms 01372 Laymen's League. (UUA) Correspondence, 1966; 1969; 1976 AXV2617
bms 01427 Laymen's League. (UUA) Executive Committee Meeting Records, 1967 AXV6415
bms 01207 Laymen's League. (UUA) Executive Director Administrative Correspondence Files, 1952-1975 AXV6426
bms 01211 Laymen's League. (UUA) Executive Director Administrative Subject Files Records, 1960-1974 AXV6448
bms 01213 Laymen's League. (UUA) Executive Director Records, Administrative Subject Files, 1946-1966 AXV6426
bms 01209 Laymen's League. (UUA) Executive Director Committee Records, 1953-1970; 1974 AXV6426
bms 01212 Laymen's League. (UUA) Executive Vice-President Records, Administrative Subject Files, 1960-1979 AXV6455
bms 01419 Laymen's League. (UUA) Financial Records Check Logs, 1974-1975 AXV1996
bms 01319 Laymen's League. (UUA) Publication Sample: "Reposed," Summer 1967 AXV3757
bms 01202 Laymen's League. (UUA) Records, Correspondence Files, 1961-1970 AXV2617
bms 01283 National Laymen's Committee (UCA) Five year program, 1924-1925 BKM6973