bMS 10006

Liberal Religious Youth, Administrative Subject Files, 1929-1979

Summary Information

Call Number: bMS 10006
Title: Liberal Religious Youth, Administrative Subject Files, 1929-1979
Repository: Harvard Divinity School Library, Harvard Divinity School,
45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
Quantity: 13 boxes (4.55 linear feet)

Administrative Information:

HOLLIS Number:AXZ5047
Preferred Citation: Liberal Religious Youth, Administrative Subject Files, 1929-1979, bMS 10006, Harvard Divinity School Library, Harvard Divinity School.
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Container List:

Box 1
Adult Programs
Adult Relations
Affiliations, 1958-1960
Affiliations Information, 1957-1958
Affiliations and Social Action
Air Clergy
American IRF Committee, 1960 --Financial Records
Attorney General's List
AUY-UYF Convention, 1951-1952
Baptist General Correspondence
Baptist Youth Fellowship
Bay Shore Fed.
Bequest --Miscellaneous, 1949-1950
B'Nai B'rith Hillel Foundations
Boy Scouts

Box 2
Boy Scout Award
Business Committee Resolutions, 1960
Camp Bridgeman (LRY)
Camp and Conference Center Committee --Final Report, 4/15/79
Central Mid-West Fed.
Channing-Murray Foundation, 1956-1961
Channing-Murray Survey Questionnaire

Box 3
Church Extension Letters
Church and State
College Centers Committee
Commission on a Free Church in a Changing World
Committee on Resolution and Policy (1-3)
Conference Delegates
Conference Handbook
Conference Planning Handbook
Connecticut Valley Federation
Conscientious Objectors
Convention (LRY), 1954
Convention, 1956-1960
Convention Delegates Pamphlet
Convention Managers Handbook (LRY), 1957
Council Letters

Box 4
Council Members Reports, 1960-1961
Council Training Session
Curriculum Committee
Curriculum Committee Suggestions
Darling, Edward, 1960
Denomination Youth Programs (Other)
Emma Wollard School
Eric Shore Federation (1-2)
Essays --"Our Unitarian Heritage"
Executive Minutes, 1955
Fed. Affiliation
Fellowship Youth Groups

Box 5
Field Trip Work
Forward Together, 1957-1958
General Mailings
Gold Bill --Staff Reports
High Fellowship Set
Historical Papers
IARF Mailing
Institutes, 1954
Institutes, 1957 Summer

Box 6
"Interest Finder (Sample)"
International Religious Fellowship, 1955-1958
Joint Youth Activities Committee, 1953-1954
Joint Youth Activities Committee, 6/1960
Joint Youth Activities Committee, 1960-1961
Junior Fellowship Youth
Junior Fellowship Youth Mailings
Kahin Pamphlet
Leadership Conference
Liberal's Challenge (1-2)
Liberal Religious Youth (LRY), 1954-1960

Box 7
LRY Minutes/Reports
LRY and New England Regional Committee (NERC) Minutes, 1958-1962 (1-4)
LRY Personnel Committee, 1954-1957
LRY Photographs

Box 8
May Meetings
Meeting Minutes --AUY Convention
Merger Committee
Merger UCA/AUA
Middle Atlantic Conference, 1951-1952 --Murray Grove
Minister's Convocation, 1952
Minister's Packet, 1955
Minister's Packet --AUA, 1959
Miscellaneous (1-4)

Box 9
Miscellaneous Publications
Missouri Valley Federation, 1951
Mohawk Valley Federation, 1951
Multilith Jobs for Other Departments, 1956-1957
Nashua Chapter AUY --Youth Sunday 2/27/49
National Council --Department of Education
New England Advisor's Conference
New England Convention, 1957
New England Regional Committee High School Conference, 1951-1952

Box 10
Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee, 1955-1958
Northeast Unitarian Conference, 1951-1952
Office Equipment and Supplies
Pacific Northwest Federation, 1951
Pacific Southwest Conference, 1951-1952
Peace Corps
Personnel Practices
President's Letters
Prindle, Graham

Box 11
Regional Field Work
Requests, 1960-1961
Resolution Action, 1959
Resolutions --LRY Questionnaires
Resources, 1960-1961
Rev. C. Leon Hopper, Jr.
Rocky Mountain --LRY Conference
Rowe Camp Conference, 1951-1952
Rush, Benjamin
Sacramento, CA --Surveys: Reports
Safe Deposit Box
SANE --Committee for a sane nuclear policy
Separation of Church and State
Services Available to Unitarian Minister's and Churches (1-2)
Service Committee
Service and Social Action 

Box 12
Sharpe, Henry D.
Snow Petition
Southern Middle Atlantic Federation, 1951
Southwest Federation, 1951
Star King Federation
Stationary Samples
Student Religious Liberals
Unitarian Universalist Association
United Nations (1-2)
Unity Settlement House --Minneapolis, Minnesota
Universalist General Convention Charter and Laws of Fellowship, Government, and Disciple
Universalists Promotional Material
Universalist Sunday School bMS10006

Box 13
Vietnam, 1967
Wheaton College
White House Conference
"Who's Who in America"
William's College
Willston Academy
Women's Universalist Missionary Society of Massachusetts
Worcester Federation, 1951
World Youth Conference
Young Adult Council, 1957-1958 (1-2)
Young People's Religious Union --Conference
Young People's Religious Union --Joint Commission on Social Responsibility
Young People's Religious Union News
"Youth Leader"
Youth Sunday Services, 1956