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Unitarian Universalist Association. Department of Education and Social Concerns, About Your Sexuality. Records, 1970-1983.

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  • Call Number: bMS 1290
  • Title: Unitarian Universalist Association, Department of Education and Social Concern, About Your Sexuality, 1970-1983.
  • Repository: Andover-Harvard Theological Library, Harvard Divinity School, 45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
  • Quantity: 10 boxes

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Historical Information:

In 1970, the Unitarian Universalist Association's Department of Education and Social Concern developed a program of education for human sexuality geared toward junior high school students. This program, called About Your Sexuality, was developed largely as a response to the perceived lack of information about human sexuality for this age group. The major writer for the program was Deryck Calderwood, who worked with a team of people to develop a test version of this program, which was sent to a number of Unitarian Universalist churches and fellowships. The responses and evaluations by these participating congregations served as the catalyst for the revised edition of this program, which was published in 1973. This revised edition was followed by two further revisions of About Your Sexuality, one done in 1978 and the next in 1983. When revising the editions the creators attempted to keep the material as current as possible; for example, material on AIDS was included in the 1983 edition.

Scope and Content:

This collection is composed of the responses to and evaluations of the original test version of About Your Sexuality released in 1970, plus the 1973, 1978, and 1983 revised editions of this program. Each of these revisions consists of a kit which includes books, pamphlets, tapes, and filmstrips that deal with various aspects of human sexuality. There is also a film created in 1970, entitled A Course Is Born, the Making of "About Your Sexuality" in the collection. Some material for an adult course on sexuality, entitled Being Sexual, is also included.

Container List:

Box 1

Evaluations of the test version of About Your Sexuality, which was developed in 1970. Includes a number of evaluations from churches and fellowships in several states: research evaluation instrument, student questionnaires, correspondence, 1970-1972; surveys and evaluations, Columbus, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Andover, Massachusetts; Mentor, Ohio; Framingham, Massachusetts; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; West Roxbury, Massachusetts; Deerfield, Illinois; Stanford, Connecticut.

Box 2

About Your Sexuality kit, revised edition, 1973. Includes two duplicate kits. One of the kits appears to be more complete than the other. Includes set of 12 leader's guides which cover suggested units on a number of topics; one copy each of Fundamentals of Human Sexuality, by Herant A. Katchadourian and Donal T. Lunde; Boys and Sex and Girls and Sex, by Wardell B. Pomeroy; Society and the Healthy Homosexual, by Dr. George Weinberg; and Lesbian/Woman by Del Martin and Phyllis Lyon; a special edition of the Guidance Associates filmstrip record series Learning About Sex, which introduces young people and parents to the program; a filmstrip entitled Breaking the Language Barrier; filmstrip sequences to accompany the Birth Control, Masturbation, Conception and Childbirth, Love Making, Homosexual Life Styles, Anatomy, and Same-Sex units; several copies of a student activity booklet; series of 33 1/3 rpm recordings on various subjects; pamphlets; a teen photocard game, intended to help junior high school students understand their dating patterns.

Box 3

New Parts Package, 1973. This material was supplied as an update to the 1973 edition of the About Your Sexuality kit. It includes much of the material already mentioned, plus some new items.

Box 4

About Your Sexuality, revised edition, 1978. The kit includes a set of teacher's guides, a core library, student activity booklet package, filmstrips, records, pamphlets, and other materials. A booklet entitled "About the Program," by Deryck Calderwood, gives a description of the material included in the kit, plus background notes on the development of this program.

Boxes 5 and 6

About Your Sexuality kit, revised edition 1983 (three copies). This revision involved a reorganization and structure of the units which attempted to more accurately reflect the underlying philosophy of the program. The kit includes 13 leaders' guides which encompass a number of subjects; five books; a participant activity packet; 10 filmstrips; six cassette tapes; seven pamphlets; and other materials.

Box 7

About Your Sexuality, revised edition 1983, extra audiocassette tapes and filmstrips.

Box 8

Being Sexual, 1980. Being Sexual was a program about adult human sexuality developed by Deryck and Martha Calderwood, which was not completed. Includes Evaluations; Introduction and Program Summary; Part I, session 4 - Part IV, session 17; Exercises and Workbooks; tapes: Being Sexual (parts 1 and 2); filmstrips: Sexual Spectrum; Exhibition, Part 2 Exhibition.

Box 9

VHS and DVD copies of the film A Course Is Born, the Making of "About Your Sexuality." This film was created ca. 1970 in order to introduce the  program About Your Sexuality to junior high schools.

Box 10

Original film reel of A Course Is Born, the Making of "About Your Sexuality."

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