bMS 1152

Liberal Religious Youth, Records, 1967-1976

Summary Information

Call Number: bMS 1152
Title: Liberal Religious Youth, Records, 1967-1976
Repository: Harvard Divinity School Library, Harvard Divinity School,
45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
Quantity: 8 boxes (2.80 linear feet)

Administrative Information:

HOLLIS Number:AXX8295
Preferred Citation: Liberal Religious Youth, Records, 1967-1976, bMS 1152, Harvard Divinity School Library, Harvard Divinity School.
Access: There are no restrictions on access to this collection. 

Container List:

Box 1
Allegheny Regional Federation (ARF) pre-1975
ARF, pre-1975 -- Affiliation, Mailing lists
ARF, pre-1975 -- Publications
Bayshore, pre-1975
Betty Boop Region
Board of Trustees, 1970-1971
Central Massachusetts, pre-1975
Central Midwest, pre-1975 -- Affiliation
Central Midwest, pre-1975 -- Conference Publicity
Central Midwest, pre-1975 -- Correspondence
Central Midwest, pre-1975 -- Publications
Connecticut Valley, pre-1975 -- Correspondence and Affiliation
Connecticut Valley, pre-1975 -- Publications

Box 2
Delaware Valley Federation (DVF)
Delaware Valley, pre-1975 -- Publications (1-3)
Delaware Valley, pre-1975 -- Affiliations, Constitutions, Mailing Lists
Domtar (Northern Quebec) -- Unofficial Federation
Down East Federation 
Eastern Canada Federation -- Affiliations, Mailing Lists
Eastern Canada Federation -- Business Meetings and Reports
Eastern Canada Federation -- Correspondence and Conference Publicity

Box 3
Eastern Canada Federation -- Publications "The Thing"
Eastern Canada Federation -- "Unicorn"
Essex, pre-1975
GLURC (Great Lakes)
GWAF, pre-1975 -- Affiliations
GWAF, 1969-1971 -- Correspondence
GWAF, 1971-1975 -- Correspondence
GWAF, 1970-1974 -- Publications
GWAF, 1968-1970 -- Publicity
Hosea Ballou (HBF) pre-1975 -- Correspondence, Affiliations, Publications
Jersey Area Federation
Jersey Area Federation pre-1975 -- Correspondence and Reports
Long Island Area Federation
LRY Directories and Mailing Lists

Box 4
LRY General (1-2)
Lower Southern District, Pre-1975 -- Correspondence
Lower Southern District, Pre-1975 -- Publications
Mailing April, 1967
Mailing Fall, 1967
Metropolitan Area Federation Pre-1975 -- Affiliations
Metropolitan Area Federation Pre-1975 -- Correspondence
Metropolitan Area Federation Pre-1975 -- Publications
Mid-Atlantic Regional Conglomeration (MARC)
Missouri-Illinois Federation
Missouri-Illinois Federation -- Constitution, Publications

Box 5
Missouri-Illinois Federation -- Correspondence, Mailing List
Mohawk Federation
Narangansett Federation -- Affiliations and Reports
Narangansett Federation -- Publications and Conference Publicity
New Hampshire Federation -- Affiliations and Communications
Norfolk-Suffolk -- Correspondence, Reports, Publications
Northeastern Regional Organization (Northeastern Regional Organization), 1975-76.
Northeastern Regional Organization -- Conference Publicity
Northeastern Regional Organization -- Correspondence
Northeastern Regional Organization -- Publications (1- 2)
Northeastern Regional Organization -- North Star -- Affiliations, Mailing Lists
North Star -- Correspondence and Reports
North Star -- Publication and Conference Publicity

Box 6
Ohio Valley Federation -- Affiliation, Mailing Lists
Ohio Valley Federation -- Correspondence
Ohio Valley Federation -- Publications
Ohio Valley Federation -- Song Book
Pacific Southwest LRY -- Affiliations
Pacific Southwest LRY -- Correspondence and Reports
Pacific Southwest LRY -- Publications
"People's Soup" and Other Publications
Phoenix (Michigan) -- Correspondence
Phoenix Federation (Michigan) -- Publications
Program 1971-1972 -- This Way To Renewal
Rocky Mountain Federation -- Affiliations and Reports
Rocky Mountain Federation -- Correspondence
Rocky Mountain Federation -- Publications
Sahili (Pacific Northwest District) -- Affiliations, Correspondence, Publications

Box 7
SEAFOAM -- Correspondence and Affiliation
SEAFOAM -- Publications
South Middlesex -- Affiliations and Reports
South Middlesex -- Publications
Southern Appalachian Mountain Federation
Southern Appalachian Mountain Federation -- Correspondence
Southern Appalachian Mountain Federation -- NEWT -- Affiliations and Correspondence
Southern Appalachian Mountain Federation -- NEWT -- (Western Canada) -- Publications
Starr King, 1975-76
Starr King Federation -- Affiliations
Starr King Federation -- Correspondence
Starr King Federation -- Publications

Box 8
Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri -- 1975- 76
Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri -- Affiliations and Correspondence
Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri -- Correspondence
Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri -- Publications
West Coast Region
UU Youth Caucus