bMS 1022

Unitarian Universalist Association. Women and Religion Committee. Records, 1976-1981

Summary Information:

Call Number: bMS 1022
Title: Unitarian Universalist Association. Women and Religion Committee. Records, 1976-1981
Repository: Harvard Divinity School Library, Harvard Divinity School,
45 Francis Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138-1911
Quantity: 6 boxes (2.10 linear feet)
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Historical Information:

In 1977, a "Women and Religion" resolution was passed by the General Assembly of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). This resolution, endorsed by the Unitarian Universalist Women's Federation, encouraged all Unitarian Universalists to examine the religious roots of sexism in their denomination, particularly in regard to sexist language. In 1978, UUA President Paul Carnes established the UUA Women and Religion Committee, and appointed Leslie Westbrook as minister for it. The two major goals of the committee were to develop educational materials concerning women and religion, and to focus on women in leadership in the UUA. In 1980 this committee also worked with the UUA Affirmative Action Advisory Committee to survey the experiences of women ministers and theological students, and to design and recommend an affirmative action program for the UUA. The Women and Religion Committee also worked with district branches of the committee from UU congregations from across the nation, and sponsored a number of conferences and convocations which brought UU women together.  The committee also made efforts to be in dialogue with women from other denominations in order to compare and contrast their experiences as women in their respective denominations. The committee developed a program for identifying sexism in congregations, originally called "Checking Our Balance," and later called "A Sexism Audit for Unitarian Universalist Congregations." The Women and Religion Committee was disbanded in 1995 due to the fact that women were no longer a minority in the UUA in either membership or the ministry.  In 2003, the library also received another collection of material from the UUA Women and Religion Committee, bMS 1013 .

Container List:

Box 1
Administrative Files (General)
          Affirmative Action Letter, 2/11/80
          "An Assessment of the New Theology Being Written by Women", by Rev. Diane E. Arakawa
          Board of Trustees - Meetings
          Board of Trustees - Meeting 4/25-27/80
          Board of Trustees - Presentations
          "Checking our Balance" - Sub-committee
          Common Worship, Commission on
          Correspondence - Board of Trustees
          Correspondence - Miscellaneous
          Directory 1980-1981
          Fuller, Margarite
          Grailville Conferences
          Junior/Senior High School
          Mailing 10/10/80
          Mailing 1/28/81
          Mailing (to Women Ministers) 10/78
          Mailing (to Ministers) April 1979
          Mass. Bay Women and Religion Conference - Photographs

Box 2
Administrative Files (General)
          Meeting Accommodations, 1/23/80-1/26/80
          Meeting Agenda, 6/10/80-6/12/80
          Meeting Minutes, 1/23/80-1/26/80 
          Membership - New Members, 3/80 (Potential)
          Pamphlet Commission
          Planning Committee Formation, 1978-1980
          Press Release
          Reinhardt Professorship Materials
          Resolution 1977-78 (1-5)
          Society for the Scientific Study of Religion,10/27- 28/78
          Staff Retreat, 1979 
          Unitarian Universalist Womens' Federation (UUWF)
          UUWF --Schumacher Slide Program
          UUWF --President Report, 1980
          UUWF --Sunday Letters to Professional Religious Leaders, April 1980
          UUWF --Sunday Mailing 12/4/80

Box 3 
Administrative Files (General)
          "UU World" Articles
          "UU World" Article - 11/15/79 
          "UU World" Article - 12/15/79
          "Women and Religion" Pamphlet
          "Women in the Unitarian Universalist Ministry", by Rev. Marjorie Newlin Leaming
          "Women, Ritual and Religion" - 6/27/79
          Women's Ecumenical Consulting Group
          Worship Services, May 1980 - Responses
District Files
          Ballou Channing
          Central Massachusetts
          Central Mid-West
          Chair-people, 1978-79
          Connecticut Valley
          Connecticut Valley Women and Religion Conference, 5/31/80
          Florida (District Women and Religion Conference)
          Florida (Jacksonville Women and Religion Workshop)
          Florida (Miami) - Installation Service for Linnea Pearson
          Thomas Jefferson
          Massachusetts Bay District
          Metropolitan New York
          Michigan (Women and Religion District Event)
          Michigan (Lansing Women and Religion Conference)
          Mid-South (Women and Religion Conference, 1980)
          Mountain Desert
          New Hampshire/Vermont

Box 4
District Files
          Ohio Valley
          Pacific Central
          Pacific Northwest
          Pacific Northwest (Women and Religion Conference)
          Pacific Southwest
          Pacific Southwest (Los Angeles Women and Religion Conference)
          Pacific Southwest (Phoenix Women and Religion Conference)
          Prairie Star
          Joseph Priestly District
          Saint Lawrence
          Tennessee (Knoxville Women and Religion Conference)
          Western Canada
General Assembly
          Affirmative Action Report
          Board Meeting , 6/13/80
          Board of Trustees, 1979
          Budget Hearing, 1979
          Carnes, Paul (Meeting)

Box 5
General Assembly
          Hearing Outline, 1979
          LREDA Business Meeting, 6/13/80
          Mailing, 1978
          Ministerial Sisterhood Unitarian Universalist MSUU
          MSUU Meeting
          Planning Committee
          President's Report
          Reports, 1977-78
          Search Committee Seminar, 1980
          Updates, 1979
          UUMA 6/13/80
          Woman's Room, 1979
          Woman's Room, 1980
          Woman's Room - Guest Book
          Women and Religion Hearing, 1979
          Women and Religion Hearing, 1980
          Women and Religion Newsletter
          Women and Religion Resolution, 1980
          Workshop 1980 - "The Goddess"
          Workshop Ideas, 1978
          Workshop - Checking Our Balance
          Workshop - What is the Root of Your Feminist Theory
          Workshop 1980 - Women's Gifts to the Denomination
Grailville Conference, 1979
          Conference Results
          Correspondence (Miscellaneous) 1978-79
          Correspondence (Miscellaneous) 1979-80

Box 6
Grailville Conference, 1979
          Correspondence (Miscellaneous) 1977-78
          Evaluation Form 1979
          Evaluation Sessions
          Financial Questionnaires
          Goals, May Conference
          Inquiries, May 1979
          Myers Briggs Session
          Opening Celebration
          Organizing Around an Issue (Workshop)
          Program 1979
          Registration Forms, 1979
          Schedule, 1979
          Schumacher Introduction
          Songbook, 1979
          Travel Plans
          "UUA Principles"
          UU World Article