bMS 106

Independent Congregational Society, Unitarian, Bangor, Maine. Scrapbooks, 1939-1953.

25 Beacon Street - Boston 8, Massachusetts

December 11, 1952

Miss Elizabeth P. Chandler
14 North High Street
Bangor, Maine

My dear Miss Chandler:

It is with great pleasure that I accept on behalf of the Library Committee, the material offered in your letter of December 9. Anything that adds to our records of Unitarian churches is most valuable. Would that more people felt as you do!

The scrapbooks, which you mention, we shall look forward to possessing, and they will be put with the few others we have, in a special section.

Gratefully yours,

Mrs. W. L. Watts, Librarian
A.U.A. Historical Library

Container List:

  • bMS 106/1 (1) Scrapbook (1939-1946) relating to the Unitarian Church, Bangor, Maine. Includes newspaper clippings and church programs.
  • bMS 106/1 (2) Scrapbook, 1946-1948.
  • bMS 106/1 (3) Scrapbook, 1949-1950.
  • bMS 106/1 (4) Scrapbook, 1950-1953.