bMS 16186

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Audio-Visual Records Series: Video Cassette Tapes.

Box 1

Aqui --"El Salvador"

Catch 44 --Boston Video Access Center --Aug. 7, 1974

Closing Correctional Institutions --April 1974 (2 tapes)

Desegregation --TNT (Master)

Divorce Suburban Style

Head Start Tape on MBO (12 min); After Effects on Mendenhall Flood (9 min); How to Get a Job (1 min)

Middlesex County Jail --Edit

Ramsey Clark --June 28, 1974 (2 tapes)

The Three Kings; Bussing March; Earth Day

UUSC Justice Court Monitors --March 3, 1975 (2 tapes)

Box 2


Is the World's Worst Famine Coming? --Cambridge Forum

Justice --December 18, 1974

National Women's Political Caucus

NH/NE --Fall 1977

NOW/CR --January 17, 1974

Open Channel --Tapinta Folk Arts Weekend

People's Republic of China

Population --Cambridge Forum

Prison Hearings --August 31, 1971 (2 tapes)

Prison Hearings --September 1, 1971

Speech Making

TNT Interviews

Trouble Shooting --Smith and Mattingly

Untitled 2 tapes

Violence in El Salvador --John McAward --Channel 2 Ten O'Clock News --Thursday, July 28, 1977

Box 3

New Heaven/New Earth --UUSC/Richard Scobie

Second Effort (Prison Documentary)