bMS 16180

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Central Administrative Subject Files, 1948-1978.

Box 1


Account Numbers

Action Coalition

African Issues/Lobbying

African Peace Tour --1987



Aging and Education Paper --1983

Aging --Concord Pilot Project

Aging --Older Women's League

Aging --West Coast Pilot Project

All Soul's Church

Annual Report --1976-77, 1981-82

Asia Foundation

AUA Women's Alliance --"The Utmost Good Faith" --Elizabeth C. Rosenthal

Austria, Vienna --description of photos of displaced persons --1948

Box 2

Board of Meetings --Miscellaneous Budgets --1956-58

Budgets --Miscellaneous --1975-78

Budgets and Expenses --1957

Budget and General Information --1956

Campbell, J. H.

Canfield, Harry L.

Child Care Program --1947

Center Budget --1962

Chester Project

Chester Project --Proposal

Chicago --Houston Project

Box 3

Chicago --NCC

Church of Larger Fellowship --Biography

Clark, Kenneth B. --Memo on Southern Field Trip --1956

Clarence Darrow

College Student Program

Commons, D. --Letters

Council of Churches --1966-69

Creative Living Environment Progress Report --1983

Crozier, Miss Doris --1959-61

Description of Programs --1963

Department of Community Services

Desert Federation

Domestic --Miscellaneous --1970s

Box 4



Exchange of Correspondence between USC and USOM

Farm Workers --1970-71


Financial --1957

Financial --Riel Budget --1956-57

Florida --Jacksonville

Fogg-Taylor Report --1954

Fortieth Anniversary Steering Committee

France --Las Andelys --Script for Films, Photos, Correspondence



Greece-Italy Mission --Monographs; dental

Box 5

Greater Philadelphia

Hasty, R. --Correspondence

Hayes, Truman --1952

Historical Library

Historical Material --1945-50

Historical Material --1951-

Histories of USC --for Bibliography

History of USC --1949-55

Box 6

History of UUSC --1967

Holmes, Frank

Home Project Committee --Minutes, 1952-53

Home Project Department --1952 --F-M

Illinois Report

Indians --Community Organizing --New England --1971

Information Letters --1968

Insurance Policies and Correspondence

International Social Services

Israel --Medical Projects --1951-52

Jack, Dr. Homer --Visit to Viet Nam

Jones, Mrs. Leroy P. (Linda Kay)

Box 7

Kern, Martha

Kindelsperger, Kenneth W.

King Center

Klotzle --Korea --Universalist Church

Language Tapes --Vietnam

Lathrop, Dr. and Mrs. John H. --Czechoslovakia trip 1946, Correspondence and Receipts

Latin America --1976-82

Latin America --1976-82

Local Coalition Work --1982-84

Box 8

McNamara, C. Rowena

Mailing Records --1952

Marshall, G.

Marshall, G. --Correspondence

Marshall --Letters to


Matson, Howard G.


Mead, Dr. Margaret --1961 --from AV folder # 170; Greece Social Work Seminar

Medical Missions

Miller, Persis --Memorial

Minister of Social Welfare


Box 9


Miscellaneous --1957-61

Miscellaneous --Correspondence

Miscellaneous --Correspondence

Miscellaneous --Correspondence

Miscellaneous (2ff)

Box 10

Miscellaneous. Program Literature

Miscellaneous Program Literature

Mission Statements/Policy Documents

Muaro, Gardaes

-N- 1963-64

Native Americans --1970-71


New York, NY --East Harlem --"After Relocation Camps -What?" --description of Japanese-American hostel (See AV collection)

News Clippings --1963-64

Newsletter --UUSC in Action --1971

NMPC (National Moratorium on Prison Construction)

Box 11

NMPC (National Moratorium on Prison Construction)

North Vietnam




Oakland --Budget

Overseas --Publicity

-P- 1963-64

Box 12


Philosophical Library

Potts, Mrs. --Letters

Presumptile Sentencing Bill --1984

Professional Certificate

Program and Review Committee --Conscientious Objector Program --October 22, 1970

Project Addresses

Projects --Phased Out

Projects --USA --Chicago --Mrs. Peterson

Publications --Miscellaneous

Publications --Miscellaneous

Box 13


Religious Arts

Religious Education --Bibliography


Report on Community Assistance Projects Bail Fund Component -- June 1970-September 1971

Reports --School Visits --1961-2

Requests for Annual Leave

Roster of Local Societies/Representatives --1972-73

Rabin, Shelly --from

Rustin, Bayard --"The Blacks and the Unions" --reprint from Harper's May 1971

Saklad, Dr. Meye --resume and correspondence --1950 (See AV collection)


Box 14

Schweitzer --Celebrations --Ads

Schweitzer --Correspondence

Schweitzer --Dinner --March 14

Schweitzer --Editorial Responses

Schweitzer --Letters

Schweitzer, The Life and Thought of --by Picht

Schweitzer --Letters, Books, Articles

Schweitzer --Material --Marshall

Box 15

Schweitzer --News Clippings

Schweitzer --News Clippings

Schweitzer --New Material

Schweitzer --Quotes from/about

Schweitzer --Understanding publishing data

Schweitzer --Writings about

Schweitzer --Writings by Marshall

Scobie --Eritrea

Seminar --August 22, 1967

Box 16

Social Work and Education

Tennessee, Monteagle --Highlander Folk School #1 (see AV Collection)

Tennessee, Monteagle --Highlander Folk School #2 (see AV Collection)

Traingin --Field Staff --1970-71


Unitarian Service Committee --Pamphlets --1948

USC Insignia

Unitarian Work Camps

Unitarian Work Camps

UUSC Board Biographies --1967-68

US Programs -- Department Profile

Box 17

US Programs --Rubin, Shelley --1981-84


University of Minnesota

Urban Action Experience --1975-78

Urban Action Experience --Summer Work Placements

Urban Planning

"Venture" --Printed Matter --February 1958

"A Village is Waiting" --script to film

World Service --Department of Service Projects

Box 18

World Services --Venture


Zoeller --from

Zotos Beos --1970