bMS 16158

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Executive Director. Administrative Subject Files, 1958-1965.

Box 1

ACVAFS --Budget --Membership Fees

Bejeck, Harold --1964

Board Meeting --1964


Fogg, Helen

Foreign Representatives and Correspondence

High School Work Camp --Jordan

History, Background, etc. --196os

Box 2

Insurance --Ruby Brokerage

Johnson, Willard

Jordan --1962

Kamal, Dr. Mohammed Said --Bethlehem

Klotzle, Dana

Lease, New York Office

Meetings (Staff, Executive)


Middle East

Middle East --American Relief

Middle East --AMER --General

Middle East --The Arab World

Middle East --Jordan

Middle East --Lebanon --1961

Middle East --Spafford Children's Hospital

Box 3

Moving --New York Office --1964

Personnel, Clerical --1964

Personnel --Edgar, William

Personnel --Grevesmuhl, Ester

Personnel --Practices --1964

Personnel --Professional

Personnel --Sheridan, Alice

Policies, Procedures and Regulations

Program --1964

Program Committee Meetings --July 1964

Program Committee Proposals

Box 4

Program Reports --1963-64

Reynard, D. --Conscious Objector

Seymour, R

Smith, L and M. Banks

Staff General --1964

Teixeira, Eugene --Public Director

Ulrich, Gus and Becky

Vickery, Charles --1964

Voluntary Services

Volunteer Service --Janet Stover

Voluntary Service --Parker, M.

Volunteer Service --Stanley, M.

Volunteer Service --Stout, L.

Box 5

Volunteer Service --Strong, John

Volunteer Service --Swide, E

Volunteer Service --Ure, P.

Volunteer --Zimmerman


World Affairs Council

World Citizenship Camp