bMS 16156

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Volunteer Programs. Administrative Records, 1978-1987.

Box 1

Administrative Assistant --1982

Administrative Assistant --1983

Board Meeting --Oct. 1985

Board Meeting --Feb. 21, 1986

Fort Wayne Conference --August 1983

Hunger Liberation Manual

National Training Session --April 1981

National Training Session --Fall 1981 --Packet

National Training Session ---St. Kitts --April 1982

National Training Session --Packet --Spring 1982

National Training Session --April 1983

NTS --1984 --Evaluations --Natalie Zimmerman File

NTS --1984 --Follow up

NTS --Unit Questionnaire --1984 --Follow up

NTS --April 1984 --Conference Packet

NTS --April 1984 --Housing/Logistics

NTS --April 1984 --Mailings

Box 2

NTS --April 1984 --Office File

NTS --April 1984 --Program

Printed Matter --"The Action Factory" --1981-82

Printed Matter --1986-88

Program Assistant --1983 --Natalie Zimmerman correspondence

Program Assistant --Natalie Zimmerman miscellany

Questionnaire --1978

Religious Education Kit

Religious Education Kit --Pilot Project --1981-84

Statement of Purpose: Calligraphy by Judy Jameson --1980


UUSC Sunday

VSC Packet --Fall 1982

VSC Packet --Spring 1983

VSC Packet --Fall 1983 --Originals and Completed Packet Letters

VSC Spring Packet --1984

VSC Packet --Fall 1984

VSC Starters Kit

Volunteer Skills Training --Proposal Correspondence, 1981