bMS 16134

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Development. Administrative Records, 1973-1984.

Box 1

Africa Peace Tour --1987

African American Institute --1982

Aging --Care giving --US Programs (1)

Aging --Care giving --US Programs (2)

Aging --Creative Living Environment --US Programs

Aging --Education --US Programs

Aging --Information (Articles) --US Programs

Alternative Criminal Justice Programs

Apple Computer --Computer --Miscellaneous

Box 2

Background Information --HRE --Human Rights

Background Information --International

Benin --Community Financing of Alternatives in Primary Health Care

Boston Video Access Center --1974

Cage Count Supporting Papers --US Programs

Care giving

Caribbean Basin --Human Rights and Development Education for US Congress

Central America --Second Encounter Human Rights Promotion Programs

Central American Study Guide --1984

Coalition Against Death Penalty --US Programs

Computer Proposals --Computer/Miscellaneous

Court Monitoring Project --Dorchester and Somerville, Ma.

Crime and Media --Inter-office Correspondence

Box 3

Crime and Media --Correspondence (Foundations)

Crime and News Media Project

Criminal Justice --U.S. Programs

Digital 50% --Computer/Miscellaneous

El Salvador --Human Rights and Religious Persecution --Human Rights

El Salvador --Human Rights in El Salvador --Human Rights Education

El Salvador --Human Rights Violations

El Salvador/Guatemala --Human Rights and Development

El Salvador --JJM Testimony Re: Religious Persecution --July 1977

El Salvador --Printed Matter and Media --1981

Eritrea --Symposium on Health --1st Annual --May 9, 1987

European Funding --1976-82

Foundation Memos --1981-88

Box 4

Foundation Search

Foundation Search --Correspondence --International --1977-84

Foundation Searches --Human Rights --1982-84

Guatemala --Human Rights Office --Human Rights --1983

Guatemala --Urban Leadership --Human Rights --1973-76

Haiti --Couture Book

Haiti -Family Planning Workshop --1976-78

Haiti --Maternal and Child Healthcare, etc.

Haiti --Programs --International --1971-83

Haiti --Human Rights Education/Congress --Human Rights

Jamaica --Economic Cooperative Action for Health --1983

Jamaica --1978 Visit --International --1976-78

Jamaica --Economic Coop. --International

Helen Keller International

Mass. Coalition for the Homeless

Miscellaneous --International --1987

Mississippi Audio-Visual Rural Information Center --1973

Box 5

National Moratorium on Prison Construction --Research Associate --U.S. Programs --1979-84

Newsline --Volunteer Projects

Peace Initiatives

Peru-Windmill Development --Miscellaneous --1974

Prison Construction --Cage Count --A National Prison Construction Data Base

Prison Construction --National Computerized Data Base

Private Agencies Cooperating Together --1981-82

Proposal Preparation --UUSC Internal Memos

Rights of Youth --Children as Human Subjects Project --U.S. Programs

St. Kitts --Te FLEP --International --1978-82

Scobie, Richard --U.S. Programs --Memos --1974-75

Seed --Genetic Pool Proposal

Tanzania --Books by the People

Tour Proposals --1986

Tour Reports --1986

Box 6

Tours --Local Organizing

Travnet/Aging --U.S. Programs --1984

Tufts Conference

UUSC Administration and Finance Policies --Sept. 1, 1985

United Methodist Ministry on Relief --UMCOR

U.S. Programs --Foundation Searches --1980, 1985

Volunteer Handbook

Volunteer Network

Volunteer Program Info

Volunteer Programs Newsletter --1986-88

Volunteers --1984-87

Weatherhead Foundation (Benin) --1980-83

West Africa --Child Spacing

Women's Educational Equity Volunteer Programs

1980 Proposals --US --Alternative Criminal Justice Programs --Boston --1979

1980 Proposals --US --Citizen Advisory Committee --Prison Construction

1980 Proposals --US --Committee Against Executions

1980 Proposals --US --Court Monitoring

1980 Proposals --US --Funding the Cage Court

1980 Proposals --US --Funding "Jericho" (publication)

1980 Proposals --US --Juvenile Justice

1980 Proposals --US --Moratorium Expansion (Prison Construction)

1980 Proposals --US --San Francisco Alcoholism Study

1980 Proposals --US --Seed Proposal

1980 Proposals --US --STOP Campaign

Box 7

International Proposals --Agency for International Development --Development Program Grant

International Proposals --Benin, Commune of Pahou Demonstration Project for --1980

International Proposals --Benin --Pahou Project --Revised Nov. 1980

International Proposals --Central America Consortium -- Training for Development

International Proposals --Consortium Ouest Africain pour Renforcer l'Approche des Communautes concernant l'Espacement des Naissances --1979

International Proposals --El Salvador Justice and Peace --1973

International Proposals --Guatemala Community Development

International Proposals --Haiti

International Proposals --Human Rights in El Salvador and Guatemala

International Proposals --Peru --Puno Windmill Project --1977

International Proposals --St. Kitts

International Proposals --Tanzaniz --Books by the People

International Proposals --US Funding Sources

International Proposals --West Africa --Workshop and Consortium for Integrated Family Planning