bMS 16113

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Public Affairs. Administrative Records, 1982-1987.

Box 1

Alert --Anti-Anti-Abortion

Alert --Calif. --1986

Alert --Pub. Affairs

Alert --Samples

ADM --Computers

ADM --Hiring --1984-85

Africa Drought Campaign --1984

Africa --Op-Ed

Africa --Slide Show --1985

Aging Caregiver Report

Box 2

Aging Program. --1982

Aging Program --1980-86

Aging --Older Woman's League Conf. --Press

Allied Organizations

Annual Report --1985

Annual Reports

AV Materials

Board of Directors

Board Graphics

Budget Background

Budget Planning

Central America Magazine

Central America Walk --Inter-Rel Task Force

Children's Defense Fund

Church Communication


Box 3

Community. Plan --Background

Correspondence. --1982

Correspondence 1983

Correspondence --Burke --1986

Court Monitoring --1982

Date Promotion --1984

Death Penalty

Development Education Plan

Development. --Merchandise --UUSC T-shirts

Distribution --General

Facts Sheets

Fan Mail

50th Anniversary

The First Annual World Hunger Media Awards --1982

Box 4

GA --Past

GA --1985 and Before

GA --1983 --Planning

GA --1984

GA --1985


Hunger --Background

Hunger Liberation Manual

Hunger Run

Journey to Freedom Filmstrip


Logo Use --Requests

Marketing Plans

Box 5

Masters, Logos

Media Relations Trips


Mexico Earthquake

Moratorium --Banner Proto

Moratorium --Jericho Renewal

Moratorium --Right Wrong Brochure --1983-84

National Moratorium

National Moratorium --Background

National Moratorium --Pre-1982

Box 6

Nuclear Arms Issues

News Releases --1982

News Release --1983

News Release --1984

News Release --1986

News Release --Pub Affairs

Nice Letters

NMPC Logo Samples --1985

NMPC Publications --Jericho

NMPC Publications --Other Brochures

Op-Eds --Pending

Op-Eds --Potential

Policies --Internal

Positive Images of Aging

Press Contacts

Press Mail Pkg --1983

Prison Moratorium

Promo --Voices for Change --Feedback

Box 7

Public Affairs --Interaction Info

Public Education --India Game





Box 8

Publications --Human Right Ed.

Publications --Prison Moratorium

Publications --UUSC Historic

Sample Scobie La Trip

Sanctuary --Plan/T. F. (1)

Sanctuary --Plan/T. F. (2)

Box 9

Scobie Interview

Service Committee News --Samples

Surveys --Minister's Findings

UUSC Sunday --1987

US Programs --Overview

Units --Background

Volunteer Programs

Volunteer Programs --Training Materials

VSC Local Reps. --Brochure

VSC Ministers' Brochure

VSC National Conference Planning

Victims' Rights Justice

World Assembly on Aging --Vienna --1982

World Service News Plans --1986-87

World Service --Planning, Specs