bMS 16109

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. International Programs -- Benin Project. Administrative Records, 1971-1982.

Box 1

A --General

African Drought --Bread For the World Legislation --US Politics

African Drought Campaign

African Drought Campaign --Ethiopia --Grassroots

Benin --Clippings

Benin --Contacts/Groups

Benin --Correspondence.

Benin --Partnership for Better Health

Benin --Project Info

Benin --Publicity

Benin --Strategy

Binder --Nursing Services --Janice Wilson


Box 2

Disaster to Development --African Drought Campaign

Executive Staff Meetings

Haiti --Proposal --family planning --1967

Health Huts

Health Hut Kits

Interested in Receiving R. E. Materials

Latin America

Pahou --General Information


Religious Education Materials

Reports by Betty Mteso (?)

Santo Domingo Nutrition Seminar --4/1967

Schmidt, William W., M.D.

Slide Script

Tapestry Explanations

Turkish Earthquake

Turkey --General

UU at Santa Barbara

West African Cookbook