bMS 16108

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. International Programs -- African Program. Project Files: Reports, 1965-1966.

Box 1

AOCH Report --Feb. 20, 1965

AOCH Report --Caroli, Dr. A. --1965

AOCH Report to Cent. AOPU

Awo Omamma C.D. Leaders Train --1966

Awo Omamma Development and Leadership Training --1965

Chad --1966

Ebere, A Child of Nigeria

Family Planning in Nigeria --1966

Family Planning Council Lagos --1965

Gingrich, Mrs. Margaret

Ilewo --Ademola --Letter to UNICEF --1965

Ilewo --Background Material

Ilewo --M. Gingrich Summary

Ilewo --"New Nigerian Program" --1965

Ilewo --Summary --1966

Ilewo --Western Nigeria --1966

India --LTV Specialists (description booklet) --1966

Kenya --LTV Specialists (description booklet) --1966

Lagos Family Planning --1965

Nigeria --Family Planning --Lagos and Ilesha Programme --1965

Nigeria --Family Planning --Okpara Statement --1965

Possible Additional Programs.

Report on Chad Visit and Recommendations to the Programs Committee --1965

Program Summaries --1966

Report of Rural Health and In-Service Training by Moore --1965

Reports --Margaret Gingrich

Report on Food Demonstrations --1965

Report to Program Committee and Bd. --Moore, M. --Sept. 25, 1965

Shipping --Description Booklet

Southern Rhodesia --Description booklet --1966

Uganda and Bechuanland --LTV Specialists --(description booklet) --1966

Umunachi and Ilewo --1965

Umunachi and Okigwe --1966

Wendy Savage --Third Report --1965