bMS 16099

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Operations. Printed Records, 1983-1988.

Box 1

Africa Peace Tour Flyer --1989

African Drought Campaign --1985

Alternatives to Imprisonment --1982

American Principles Sacrificed: US Foreign Policy in Central America

Annual Report --1984

Born From the People: Toward Understanding Central America

Boston Area Unit --War Toys Flyer

Breaking the Cycle

Central America --1981

Central America --1982

Children of the Sun

Circles of Caring

Court Monitoring Handbook --1978

Court Monitoring Project Report --1983

Creative Living Environments in Old Age

El Salvador --1983

Exodus from Terror --El Salvador

Family Caregivers

For the People for a Change in Africa

Forty Year Journey to Freedom

Giving Sanctuary

Guatemala --1983

Health as a Human Right in Nicaragua

Honduras and Nicaragua --1987

Housing Alternatives

Human Rights in El Salvador --1978

Box 2

Hunger Action/Education Manual

Is There a Way Out?: Community Study of Women in San Francisco County Jail --1981

Medlift --El Salvador, 1984

The Older We Get

Prisons: An American Fiasco

Religious Education

Roots of the Crisis: Central America in the 1980s --slide show of the AFSC

Saving Lives in Nicaragua

SEEK Manual

Spotlight on World Hunger

Through Our Eyes: North Americans in Nicaragua

UUSC Campaign 1986 --Africa

Box 3

UUSC Campaign 1986 --Guatemala

UUSC Campaign 1986 --Haiti

UUSC Program Flyers

Voices for Change

What Color are American Prisons? --1983

Walking with the People of India --1982

Windows on the Truth

Witness to the Slaughter: The Church in Guatemala

Zoeller, Charlie --Staff correspondence --1989