bMS 16089

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee. Human Rights Education Project. Administrative Records, 1970-1980.

Box 1

Central America -- Contacts

El Salvador --Amayoa, Fabian

El Salvador --Drinan Mission

El Salvador --Financial Reports

El Salvador --Frente Democratico Revolucionario

El Salvador --General Correspondence

El Salvador --General Information

El Salvador --Human Rights

El Salvador -- Human Rights -- 1979 and before

El Salvador --Human Rights Committee

El Salvador --Human Rights Congress, 1980

El Salvador --Human Rights Congress, 1981

El Salvador --Human Rights -- Congressional Correspondence

El Salvador --Human Rights -- Investigations

El Salvador --Human Rights -- McAward, John

El Salvador --Human Rights -- Memoranda

Box 2

El Salvador --Human Rights -- Press

El Salvador --Human Rights -- Publicity (Originals)

El Salvador --Human Rights -- U.S. Action

El Salvador --Human Rights -- U.S. Embassy

El Salvador --Human Rights -- Violations

El Salvador --Human Rights -- Violations Report, 1977

El Salvador -- Inter-Religious Task Force

El Salvador --Junta

El Salvador --Land Reform

El Salvador --McAward, John -- Memos --de Paz, Manuel

El Salvador --Project Report

El Salvador --Refugees

El Salvador --Relief

Box 3

El Salvador --Reports

El Salvador --Salvadoran Government

El Salvador --Trade Unions

El Salvador --Trip, 1980

El Salvador --"UPD, CTD, and Institute for Free Labor Development"

El Salvador --U.S. State Department

El Salvador --UTC/FECAS

El Salvador --Working Group

General Service Award -- Financial

General Service Award -- Narrative

Gomez, Lionel

Gould and Stearns

Green Cross

Guatemala, Asogua

Box 4

Guatemala -- CAPS

Guatemala -- General

Harkin, Tom -- Central American Trip Report

Harvard Law Human Rights Program

Harvard Study Group

House Committees

Human Rights/ A.I.D.

Human Rights -- Administration

Human Rights -- Arms Trade

Human Rights -- Committee

Human Rights -- Congress

Human Rights -- Covenant

Human Rights -- Funding Proposal -- El Salvador/Guatemala

Human Rights -- General

Human Rights -- Groups

Human Rights -- Political Prisoners

Human Rights -- State Department

Human Rights -- Unions

Human Rights -- UU Contacts

Human Rights -- Washington Office on Latin America

Hunger Action Americas

Idea File

Immigration -- General

Box 5

Inside Central America

Institute for Food Development and Policy

Institute for Policy Studies

Inter-church Coordinating Committee for Development Projects

Intermediate Technology Consortium

International Development Cooperative Agency -- US

International Commission

International Commission, 1974-75

International Programs -- Description, 1974


Inter-religious Task Force on Food Policy

Inter-religious Task Force on Food Policy -- Info Sheets

Justice for All Campaign

Box 6

Luhan, J. Michael

McAward, John, 1973-74

McAward, John -- Europe, 1979

McAward, John -- Personal Will

McAward, John -- Speeches

Meijer, Lucy

Memos, General

Memos, Office

National Committee for Peace in Central America

Box 7


Non-Profits -- Miscellaneous

Non-Profits -- Voluntary Agencies

Non-Profits -- Volunteer Information

"On the Road to Democracy"

"Operation California"

Overseas Development Council