bMS 16033

Unitarian Service Committee. Project Files -- Japanese-Americans Relocation Project, 1943-1946.

Box 1

Boston Hospitality Committee --Japanese-American Resettlement

Boston Japanese-American Relocation Hostel, 1946

Correspondence, 1943

Federal Council of the Churches of Christ --Committee on Resettlement

Home Service Committee, 1943

Home Service Committee, 1944

Japanese-American Committee for Democracy --Japanese-American

Citizens League

"Japanese-American Problem"

Japanese-American Relocation, 1943

Box 2

Japanese-American Relocation --Hostel Minutes

Japanese-American Student Relocation Council

Japanese-American Student Relocation Council, 1945

Japanese-Americans --General

Japanese-Americans --General, 1944

Legislation, 1943

National Japanese-American Student Relocation Council

Relocation Letters --Replies, 1944