bMS 16009

Unitarian Service Committee. Social Work and Education Overseas. Hungarian Refugee Resettlement Files, 1956-1959.

Box 1

American Council of Agencies for Foreign Service

Atlanta, Georgia, 1961

Bodi (Hungarian Refugees)

Bulletin, Special #4 and Information #3

Chronological, Eva Campos

Columbia Heights, Boys Club, 1960

Connecticut, Resettlements, Hartford, Josef Simonek and Gabor Janosi

Delaware, Resettlements, Wilmington, Istvan Kelemen Family and Lazslo Krupanski

Friendship Offerings, 1967

Froistad, Wilmer

Hungarian Children, Sponsorship Offers, Adoption, etc.

Hungarian Clothing, October, 1957

Hungarian Questionnaires (Returns)

Box 2

Hungarian Refugees, Contacted But Not Placed

Hungarian Refugees, Follow up, Bodi, Stephen Sr. & Jr.

Hungarian Refugees, Mishka Bogaty (Gati), 1960

Hungarian Refugees, Information #2

Hungarian Refugees, Miscellaneous (2 ff)

Hungarian Refugees, Relative Affidavit

Hungarian Relatives and Friends, Requests for Aid in Bringing Them to USA, etc.

Hungarian Resettlements, Breakdowns by Month, by State, Alphabetically

Hungary, 1956

Hungary, January, 1957

Hungary, February-March, 1957

Box 3

Hungary, April-August, 1957

Hungary, September, 1957

Hungary, Adoptions

Hungary, Bulletins (Information and Instructions)

Hungary, Bulletins (Sponsorship Forms)

Hungary, Clothing, 1958

Hungary, Clothing and Food Shipments

Hungary, Contents of and Key to Files

Hungary, Follow Up and Evaluation

Hungary, IARF, 1957

Hungary, Klotzel, Dana (Contacts Made Through Klotzel)

Hungary, Language (Info Re Hungarian English)

Hungary, Nagy, Zoltan, 1956-1957

Hungary, Nagy, Zoltan, Letters and Reports

Hungary, Plastic Surgery Case, Gabor Incze

Hungary, Publicity Material, Jeannette Hopkins

Hungary, Refugees, 1956-1957

Hungary, Refugees, 1958

Box 4

Hungary, Refugees, 1959

Hungary, Refugees, 1960

Hungary, Resettlement Problems

Hungary, Resettlement Questionnaire

Hungary, Resettlement Reports (Listings of Individual Placements, etc.)

Hungary, Resettlement Reports Prepared by Eva Campos

Illinois, Resettlements, Urbana, Laszlo Mohacsy, Dezso Palotas

Indianapolis, Laszlo Kohalmi Family

Inquiries, Sponsorship Offers, New England and Northeastern States

Inquiries, Sponsorship Offers, Midwest States

Inquiries, Sponsorship Offers, Miscellaneous

Inquiries, Sponsorship Offers, Pacific States and Alaska

Inquiries, Sponsorship Offers, Rocky Mountain States

Inquiries, Sponsorship Offers, Southern States

Kilmer, Camp,  Telephone Directory, Welfare Agencies

Lingyel Brothers and Dr. LeMan Clark

Box 5

Letter from Vienna

Minnesota, Resettlements


Moore, Matilda

Nagy, Zoltan

New Hampshire, Resettlements

New Jersey, Resettlements

New York, Resettlements

Ohio, Resettlements

Pennsylvania, Resettlements

Publications for Newcomers to United States

Publicity (clippings, releases, etc.), 1956-1957


Refugee Sponsor Preliminary Information Form

Reports by Eva Campos, Resettlements, Conferences

Reports, Framingham Community Committee

Revolt in Hungary

Rhode Island, Resettlements

Special Bulletin for Hungarian People and Special Bulletin #2 (Attachment)

Sponsorship Offers, Not Usable

Texas, Resettlements

Vermont, Resettlements

Virginia, Resettlements

Worksheet, Hungarian Refugees