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bMS 13001/Wright, C. C.: Writings of Charles Conrad Wright

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1941. "The Religion of Geology," The New England Quarterly, Vol. XIV, No. 2: 335-358

1942. "Edwards and the Arminians on the Freedom of the Will," The Harvard Theological Review, Vol. XXXV, No. 4: 241-261

1953. "General Education in the Social Sciences," The New England Social Studies Bulletin

1954. "Early Years of the Divinity School: Foundations of Non-Sectarian Theological Education in America," Harvard Alumni Bulletin, March 20

1956. "Emerson, Barzillai Frost, and the Divinity School Address," The Harvard Theological Review, Vol. XLIX, No. 1: 19-43

1957. "The Place of Church History in the Seminary Curriculum and the Research Program of the Harvard Divinity School," reflections by Members of the Department of Church History for the Considerations of Their Colleagues in Other Departments: 1-31

1957. "The Predicament of Our Churches," a sermon preached in the Crothers Chapel, Aug. 18: 1-11

1959. "Popular Religion: Inspirational Books in America, by Louis Schneider and Sanford M. Dornbusch," The Western Humanities Review, Vol. XIII, No. 4: 429-430

1959. "The Rediscovery of Channing: Some Comments on Recent Scholarship," The Proceedings of the Unitarian Historical Society, Vol. XII, Part II: 8-25

1961. Memorandum, from Wright to all students, Sept. 19

1961. Memorandum, from Wright to members of the Faculty, Dec. 6

1961. "Rational Religion in Eighteenth-Century America: A Dudleian Lecture," Feb. 2: 1-27

1962. Correspondence, from Wright

1963. "Corporate Worship," Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Vol. 27, No. 2: 1-27

1963. "Thanksgiving in Time of Tribulation," sermon, Nov: 1-3

1963. "Whom Shall We Segregate," sermon, July 7: 1-9

1964. "Fresh Responses to New Situations: Some Instances of Innovation in the History of the Harvard Divinity School"

1964. "Unitarians and the Community of Churches," The Unitarian Christian, Vol. 19, No. 4

1965. "A Sermon of Thanksgiving," 1-3

1966. "Autonomy of a Fellowship," The Unitarian Christian, Vol. 21, No. 2: 6-12

1966. "Strategies for Survival," sermon delivered to commemorate the incorporation of Cambridge North Precinct, Dec. 15: 1-14

1967. "Autonomy and Fellowship," Northeast Viewpoints, Jan.: 3-4, 10

1967. Release of the University News Office

1968. "The Mirror of History," Journal of the Liberal Ministry, Vol. VIII, No. 3: 39-46

1968. "One Hundred and Twenty-third Commencement," Meadville Theological School of Lombard College, June 4

1968. "A Sermon," preached at the ordination of Peter J. Gomes, June 16: 1-7

1969. "The Election of Henry Ware: Two Contemporary Accounts," Harvard Library Bulletin, Vol. XVII, No. 3: 245-278

1969. "The Governance of the University," Harvard Divinity School Bulletin, Vol. 3, No. 1: 15-16

1969. "From Standing Order to Secularism," Church, State, and Education: A New Look: 12-17

Box 2

1970. "The Role of the Clergy in the Shaping of Public Policy," address, delivered before the Massachusetts Convention of Ministers, May 4: 1-9

1972. "A Survey of Church History in the B. T. I.: A Luce Foundation Study," Sept.: 1-7

1973. "Soundless Footsteps on the Grass: An Evocation of the Summers of 1904 and 1905 at Windy Ledge"

1976. "The Rise of Adventism: Religion and Society in Mid-Nineteenth-Century, ed. Edwin Scott Gaustad," book review by Wright, The American Historical Review, Dec.: 1248

1977. "The Puritan Origins of the American Self, by Sacvan Bercovitch," book review by Wright, Kairos, No. 6

1978. "A Guide to the Literature of American Religious Life," book review by Wright of American Religion and Philosophy: A Guide to Information Sources, by Ernest R. Sandeen and Fredrick Hale: Renewals, Vol. II, No. 3

1979. "Conrad Wright," Kairos, Spring: 8

1979. "In Search of A Usable Past," Collegium Proceedings, Vol. 1: 115-136

1980. "The Local Church and its Archives," Historical Intelligencer, Vol. 1, No. 1: 20-22

1982. "Afternoon Tea at the Laboratory: A Visit With Mrs. C. A. Stephens," Bitter Sweet, Vol. 5, No. 5, May: 22-25

1982. "Andrews Norton (1786-1853)," Bulletin of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Vol. XXXV, No. 6: 7-11

1983. "The Controversial Career of Jedidiah Morse," Harvard Library Bulletin, Vol. XXXI, No. 1: 64-87

1983. "Covenant is key to church, says Wright," Unitarian Universalist World, Vol. 14, No. 8: 1, 4

1983. "A Doctrine of the Church for Liberals," paper presented at the annual retreat of the Massachusetts Bay Unitarian Universalist ministers, March 22: 1-18

1984. Bibliography

1984. "Jefferson's Extracts from the Gospels: "The Philosophy of Jesus, and The Life and Morals of Jesus, ed. Dickinson W. Adams," book review by Wright, William and Mary Quarterly: 319-321

1985. "Recollections of the First Parish in 1905-1906," by Elizabeth Woodman Wright, Cambridge Historical Society, Vol. 44: 105-121

1986. "New World Colloquium Photograph"

1987. "Harvard and the First Parish: A 350th-Anniversary Retrospect," sermon preached at the First Church, Cambridge, Sept. 7: 5-13

1987. Invitation to a reception in honor of Wright, May 28

1989. Correspondence, to Rev. Charles W. Howe, from Wright, Dec. 7

1992. "The Future of Unitarian Universalist History: A Day of Scholarship and Celebration to Honor Conrad Wright," program

1992. Invitation to a celebration in honor of Wright

1992. "Stated Order of Worship," First Parish in Cambridge, The First Church in Cambridge

2011. In Remembrance of C. Conrad Wright,' First Church in Cambridge, 2011

n.d. Bibliography, manuscript

n.d. "Christian Deviations, by Horton Davies," book review by Wright: 114

n.d. "Corporate Worship in the Non-Denominational Theological School," Harvard Divinity Bulletin: 1-7

n.d. "A Model of Church and Civil Power: Composed by the Ministers of New-England, and sent to the Church at Salem," 1-25

n.d. Photograph negatives, untitled

n.d. "Three Prophets of Religious Liberalism and Streams of Light," poster advertising Wright's March 2 lecture

n.d. Theodore Parker

n.d. Vertical File Inventory

n.d. "William Ellery Channing"


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