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bMS 13001/single files/5 (1), (2): Writings of Harry A. Wolfson

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Folder 1

1916. "Crescas on the Problem of Divine Attributes," The Jewish Quarterly Review, Vol. VII, No. 1: 1-44

1916. "Crescas on the Problem of Divine Attribute, II, III," The Jewish Quarterly Review, Vol. VII, No. 2: 175-221

1919. "Note on Crescas' Definition of Time," The Jewish Quarterly Review, Vol. X, No. 1: 1-17

1921. "Spinoza's Definition of Substance and Mode," Hagae Comitis: 101-112

1923. "Escaping Judaism," 1-54

1925. "The Classification of Sciences in Medieval Jewish Philosophy," Hebrew Union College Jubilee Volume, 263-315

1925. "How the Jews Will Reclaim Jesus," written as an Introductory Essay to Jesus as Others Saw Him

1927. "Solomon Pappenheim on Time and Space and His Relation to Locke and Kant," Israel Abrahams Memorial Volume: 426-440

1949. "Wolfson's Revaluation of Philo: A Review Article," The Review of Religion: 368-381

1950. "Spinoza and Religion," The Menorah Journal, Autumn: 146-167

Folder 2

1950. "The Veracity of Scripture in Philo, Halevi, Maimonides, and Spinoza," Alexander Marx Jubilee Volume, 603-630

1955. From Exhibition in Harvard Divinity School, November-December, 1955 in honor of the publication of "The Philosophy of the Christian Fathers" (volume 1)

1955. "Morning Chapel Talk," based on a sermon delivered in Appleton Chapel

1956. "Avicenna, Algazali, and Averroes on divine attributes," Separata Del Homenaje A Lillas-Vallicrosa, Vol. II: 545-571

1959. "Philosophical Implications of the Pelagian Controversy," Proceedings of the Aamerican Philosophical Society, Vol. 103, No. 4: 554-562

1960. "An Unknown Splinter Group of Newstorians," Revue des Etudes Augustiniennes: 249-253

1961. "Extradeical and Intradeical Interpretations of Platonic Ideas," Journal of the History of Ideas, Vol. XXII, No. 1: 3-32

1962. "Saadia on the Trinity and Incarnation," Studies and Essays in Honor of Abraham A. Neuman: 547-568

1965. Letter to Ben-Garion

1967. "The Jewish Kalam," The Jewish Quarterly Review, Seventy-fifth Anniversary Volume: 544-571

1967. "The Hatirani in the Kalam and Ghazali as Inner Motive Powers of Human Actions," Studies in Mysticism and Religion: 363-379

1968. "Hebrew Books in Harvard," Harvard Alumni Bulletin, April: 1-12

1974. "Harry A. Wolfson, 86, Harvard religion sage," Boston Globe, Friday, Sept. 20: 37

n.d. Dr. Wolfson's Books, handwritten list

n.d. "Jewish Christian Relations: an Exhibit in Honor of the Publication of The Philosophy of the Christian Fathers, Volume 1, by Harry Austryn Wolfson" poster

n.d. "Notes on Proofs of the Existence of God in Jewish Philosophy," 575-596


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