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1945. "Current trends in Unitarian theology." Christian Register 124 (Feb.): 41-44.

1949. "The Church, the democratic state, and the crisis in religious education." Harvard Divinity School Bulletin: 35-61.

1951. "Outline for Church History" [Harvard Divinity School course outline/syllabus]; typed manuscript.

1951. "Outline for Church History: abridged form" [Harvard Divinity School course outline/ syllabus]; typed manuscript.

1951. The Norman Anonymous of 1100 A.D. [Harvard Theological Studies XVIII.] (Cambridge: Harvard University Press).

1953. "What has Jerusalem to do with Athens?" Universalist Leader (Aug.): 195-197.

1954. "Evaluations--Golden Anniversary Convention." Religious Education 49 (Jan./Feb.): 11- 12.

1954. "American critical pluralism as the emerging middle ground in interfaith relations (digest of an article by Williams...from a symposium on 'Issues between Catholics and Protestants at midcentury' in Religion in Life, Spring 1954." Digests of Informed Opinion (May 17 and April 15).

1955. "Religious education in a pluralistic democracy." Religious Education 2/1 (Jan./Feb.): 38- 44.

1956. "Church-State separation and religion in the schools of our democracy." Religious Education 51/5 (Sept./Oct.): 369-377.

1956. "Harvard and Hinduism." Prabuddha Bharata 61 (Jan.): 55-59.

1955-1956. "The place of Professor Wolfson's philosophy of the Fathers." Harvard Divinity School Bulletin. Annual Lectures and Book Reviews: 83-100.

1957. "Bibliography of the Radical Reformation, 1525-1575" [Seminar No. 233]; typed manuscript.

1957. "The golden priesthood and the leaden state: a note on the influence of the 'Sermo de dignitate sacerdotali' sometimes ascribed to St. Ambrose." In Ricerche di Storia Religiosa. Studi in Onore di Giorgio La Piana (Roma: Ateneo, 1957: 291-310).

1957. "Harvard and Hellas." Greek Orthodox Theological Review 3/1 (Summer): 23-25.

1957. George H. Williams et al., "The place of Church history in the seminary curriculum and the research program of the Harvard Divinity School: reflections by members of the Department of Church History for the consideration of their colleagues in other departments"; typed manuscript.

1957. "Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika (USA). VI. Theologische Ausbildungsstätten." In Die Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart (3. Aufl.) VI: coll.1309-1314.

1957. "Unitarian Christianity and a Christian Unitarianism." Unitarian Christian 13/1 (Autumn): 3-7.

Box 2

1957-1958. "A century of Church history at Harvard..." Harvard Divinity School Bulletin. Annual Lectures and Book Reviews: 87-102.

1958. "The Christian college today." Christian Scholar 41 (Special Issue, Autumn): 193-209.

1958. "Studies in the Radical Reformation (1517-1618): a bibliographical survey of research since 1939." Church History 27 (March and June): 46-69, 124-160.

1958. "The role of the laymen in the ancient church." Ecumenical Review 10/3 (April): 225- 248.

1958. "The role of the laymen in the ancient church." Greek and Byzantine Studies (July): 9-42.

1959. "Anabaptism and spiritualism in the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania: an obscure phase of the pre-history of Socinianism." Studia nad arianizmem (Warsaw): 215-262.

1962-1963. "Reflections on the Radical Reformation." Bulletin of the Congregational Library [American Congregational Association] 14/1 (Oct. 1962): 5-10; and 14/2 (Jan. 1963): 5-10.

1962. "Words spoken by George H. Williams at the dedications of the Robert and Matilde Pfeiffer faculty lounge, Andover Hall, December 16, 1962"; typed manuscript.

1962. "A time to rend and a time to sew (Ecclesiastes 3:7): A Sermon on the Second Vatican Council, Phase I: October 11-December 8, 1962...preached at First Church in Boston."

1963. "Back to innocence." Review of George H. Williams, The Radical Reformation (Weidenfeld and Nocolson). In Times Literary Supplement (Feb. 22).

1963. George H. Williams et al., "Tributes to Harry A. Wolfson." Mosaic: A Jewish Student Journal 4/1 (Winter): 36-38.

1964. "The Word, the Church, and the University...an address at the Staff-Clergy Ecumenical Conference at Rolling Ridge Conference Center, North Andover, Massachusetts, January 24-25, 1963."

1965. Günter Vogler, "Gas es eine radikale Reformation? Bemerkungen zur Konzeption von G. H. Williams." Wissenschaftliche Zeitschrift der Karl-Marx-Universität Leipzig. Gesellschafts- und Sprachwissenschaftliche Reihe, 14. Jahrg., Heft 3: 495-500.

1965. "The Parable of the Elder Brother: reflections on the Protestant response to Catholic ecumenism." Harvard Divinity Bulletin 29/3 (April): 1-11.

1965-1966. "There was division (schisma) among them." Greek Orthodox Theological Review 11/2 (Winter): 209-216.

1967. "Popularized German mysticism as a factor in the rise of anabaptist communism." In Gerhard Müller and Winfried Zeller,eds., Glaube Geist Geschichte: Festschrift für Ernst Benz zum 60. Geburtstage am 17. November 1967 (Leiden: E.J. Brill, 1967: 290-312).

1967. "That all the peoples of the earth may know thy name (1 Kings 8:43): a sermon on Jerusalem...preached at First Church in Boston...July 23, 1967."

1967. "'Congregationalist' Luther and the Free Churches." Lutheran Quarterly 19/3 (August): 283-295.

1967. "The pilgrimage of Thomas Hooker (1586-1647) in England, the Netherlands and New England." Bulletin of the Congregational Library [American Congregational Association] 19/1 (Oct.): 5-15.

1967. "Vietnam: October 11 and October 16, 1967." Articles and Issues 1/1 (Oct. 27): 20-23.

1967. "The attitude of liberals in New England toward non-Christian religions, 1784-1885." Crane Review 9/2 (Winter): 59-89.

1968. "The pilgrimage of Thomas Hooker (1586-1647) in England, the Netherlands and New England (Part Two)." Bulletin of the Congregational Library [American Congregational Association] 19/2 (Jan.): 9-13.

1969. George H. Williams, ed., Church, State and Education: A New Look. The Report and Papers of the Unitarian Universalist Ad Hoc Committee on Church and State and Education (Boston: Unitarian Universalist Association, [1969]).

1969. "For three transgressions and for four" [Harvard University Memorial Church November Moratorium Addresses]; followed by Roderick Firth, "Two kinds of humility." Nov. 13- 14, 1969.

1969. "Harvard in upheaval." Harvard Divinity Bulletin New Series 3/1 (Fall): 6-14.

Box 3

1970. "For three transgressions...and for four." Harvard Crimson 149/153 (Jan. 5): 3-4.

1971. James D. Hunt. Review of George H. Williams, American Universalism: A Bicentennial Historical Essay (Boston: Universalist Historical Society, 1971). Journal of the American Academy of Religion: 408, 411.

1971. "Christian attitudes toward nature." Christian Scholar's Review 2/1-2: 3-35, 112-126.

1971. "Protecting the unborn." Boston Herald Traveler (Friday, Feb. 26): A-7.

1972. "The course of Jewish-Christian relations." Unitarian Universalist Christian 27/1 (Spring): 5-10.

1972. "A testimony against abortion." Metanoia 4/2 (June): 4-7.

1972. "Ecology and abortion." New England Sierran 3/6 (July-August): 2, 6.

1973. "Professor George La Piana (1878-1971), Catholic modernist at Harvard (1915-1947)." Harvard Library Bulletin 21/2 (April): 117-143.

1976. "Transition as part of religious tradition." Faith & Form 9 (Fall): 14-17, 26-28.

1979. "From freedom, reason, tolerance, right behavior, and salvation by character: toward a liberal Christian concept of man and the world." Collegium Proceedings. Collegium: Association for Liberal Religious Studies 1: 9-59.

1979. "A Pope among us." Boston Herald American Magazine (Sept. 30): 6-11.

1981. Reviews of George H. Williams, The Mind of John Paul II (New York: Seabury Press, 1981).

Miscellaneous Papers

1940. Program for service of ordination of George H. Williams for the Church of the Christian Union, Rockford, Illinois; Court St. Methodist Church; Nov. 14, 1940.

1956. Program for service of dedication for the Tolman Memorial Window, "Roger Williams, Apostle of Freedom"; Pawtucket Congregational Church, Pawtucket, Rhode Island; March 4, 1956.

1959. Gergios S. Beb, H theologik skhol tou panepistmiou tou Harvard (En Thessalonik, 1959); in Greek; dedicated to George H. Williams.

1950's. Miscellaneous newspaper clippings.

1971. "Laurentian in action: George Huntston Williams '36"; [s.n.]; Summer 1971.

1974. Program for memorial service for Thomas Francis Weiskel (1945-1964) and Shelburne Heidi Weiskel (1972-1974); Dec. 1974.

1977. Memo from Peter L. Oliver to HDS faculty re: updating faculty publications files, with addendum by George H. Williams re: his recent publications; August 8, 1977.

1978. Letter from Krister Stendahl re: accepting essays for George H. Williams Festschrift in honor of his 65th birthday; June 23, 1978.

1979. Letter from Irene Churchill (Hellenic College, Brookline, Mass.) to Maria Grossman re: George H. William's activities at Hellenic College; Feb. 23, 1979.

1979. Invitation to banquet on occasion of George H. Williams' 65th birthday; American Academy of Arts & Sciences, Brookline, Mass.; April 7, 1979.

1979. Program for mass for Christian unity; Saint Paul Church, Cambridge, Mass.; April 27, 1979; mass in honor of George H. Williams.

1981. Flyer announcing 1981 Dudleian Lecture by George H. Williams, "The ecumenical intentions of Pope John Paul II"; Harvard Divinity School; Nov. 9, 1981.

1980's. Miscellaneous newspaper clippings.

1993-1994. Papers, correspondence, etc. re: Harvard Divinity School celebration honoring George H. Williams' 80th birthday (April 7).

[Various dates.] Biography of George H. Williams and bibliographies of his works.

Writings of G. H. Williams, vol. 1 [clippings, offprints, etc. hardbound in three volumes].

Box 4

Writings of G. H. Williams, vols. 2 and 3.


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