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bMS 13001/Wilder: Writings of Amos Niven Wilder

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Box 1

1931. "The nature of Jewish eschatology." Journal of Biblical Literature 50/3: 201-206.

1934. "Teaching apocalyptic." Journal of the National Association of Biblical Instructors 2: 15- 19.

1940. "Revelation may be tested." Journal of Bible and Religion 8/1 (Feb.): 37.

1940. "Christian significance of recent poetry." Christendom 5/4 (Autumn): 524-533.

1940. Personality and the Protestant Tradition. The Southworth Lecture (Sept. 24). Newton Centre, Mass.: Andover Newton Theological School.

1941. "Voices of our day." Social Action 7/5 (May 15): 3-42.

1941. "Jesus and the charismatic type." Journal of Bible and Religion 9/3 (Aug.): 151-154.

1942. "Christian ethics and the way of the cross." Crozier Quarterly 1 (Apr.): 135-140.

1942. Review of Roy W. Battenhouse, Marlowe's Tamburlaine, A Study in Renaissance Moral Philosophy (Nashville: Vanderbilt University Press, 1941). Journal of Bible and Religion 10/2 (May): 109-110.

1943. "Variant traditions of the resurrection in Acts." Journal of Biblical Literature 62/4: 307-318.

1943. "Don Quixote in the American scene." Anglican Theological Review 25/3 (July): 272-280.

1943. Clancy, George C. Review of Amos N. Wilder, The Healing of the Waters (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1943). Journal of Bible and Religion 11/3 (Aug.): 184.

1944. "Paul through Jewish eyes." Journal of Bible and Religion 12/3 (Aug.): 181-187.

1946. "The Revised New Testament: pros and cons." Atlantic Monthly 178: 138-142.

1946. "Equivalents of natural law in the teaching of Jesus." Journal of Religion 26/2 (Apr.): 125- 135.

1947. "Literary sources." In F. Ernest Johnson, Foundations of Democracy ([New York]:

Harper & Brothers/Institute for Religions and Social Sciences, 1947: 87-108).

1947. "New Testament theology in transition." In Willoughby: The Story of the Bible Today and Tomorrow (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1947: 419-436).

1948. "The Puritan heritage in American culture." Theology Today 5/1 (Apr.): 22-33.

1948. "The eschatology of Jesus in recent criticism and interpretation." Journal of Religion 28/3 (July): 177-187.

[1948-1949.] Typed manuscript of review of Hans Werner Bartsch, ed., Kerygma und Mythos, Ein Theologisches Gespräch (Hamburg: Reich & Heidrich/Evangelischer Verlag, 1948).

1950. "Mythology and the New Testament: a review of [Hans Werner Bartsch, ed.] Kerygma und Mythos." Journal of Biblical Literature 69/2: 113-127.

1950. "The modern crisis as reflected in contemporary poetry." Andover Newton Bulletin 42/3 (Feb.): 21-34.

1950. "God was in Christ." Divinity School News 17/2 (May 1): 1-6.

1952. "The refining fire." Christianity and Crisis 12/2 (Feb. 18): 9-10.

1952. "A Christian culture." Seminarian 43/7 (March 19): 10-11.

1953. Review of Liemar Hennig, ed., Theologie und Liturgie: Ein Gesamtschau der gegenwärtigen Forschung in Einzeldarstellungen mit Beiträgen von W. Holsten, H. Lilje, W. v. Loewenich, G. Merz, K. F. Müller, Gerhard v. Rad, K. D. Schmidt und E. Stauffer (Kassel: Johannes Stauda-Verlag, 1952); of K. E. Logstrup et al., Die Freiheit des Evangeliums und die Ordnung der Gesellschaft (München: Ch. Kaiser Verlag, 1952); of H. W. Bartsch, ed., Kerygma und Mythos. II. Band. Diskussion und Stimmen zum Problem der Entmythologi- sierung (Hamburg-Volksdorf: H. Reich, 1952); and of Bekennende Kirche. Martin Niemöller zum 60. Geburtstag (München: Ch. Kaiser Verlag, 1952). The Ecumenical Review (Jan.): 216-219.

1953. "Moral aspects of German recovery." Religion in Life 22/4 (Autumn): 527-537.

1953. "Lay witness in France." Christianity and Crisis 13/21 (Dec. 14): 161-162.

1954. "Biblical hermeneutic and American scholarship." Neutestamentliche Studien für Rudolf Bultmann (Beiheft 21 zur Zeitschrift für die Neutestamentliche Wissenschaft): 21-35.

1954. "Kerygma, eschatology and social ethics." In W. Davies and D. Daube, eds., The Background of the New Testament and its Eschatology: Studies in Honor of C. H. Dodd (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1954: 509-536).

1954. "Myth and symbol in the New Testament." In Lyman Bryson et al., eds., Symbols and Values: An Initial Study. Thirteenth Symposium of the Conference on Science, Philosophy and Religion (New York: The Conference/Harper & Brothers, 1954: 127-147).

1954. "Human nature and revelation in the Bible." Chicago Theological Seminary Register 44/2 (March): 1-4.

1954. "An infection of change." Christianity and Crisis 14/9 (May 31): 65-66.

1954. Theological Education Abroad: Discussions in England, France, and Germany. Convocation Address Delivered at the Harvard Divinity School, Sept. 29, 1954.

1954. "The modern sinner." Christianity and Crisis 14/19 (Nov. 15): 145-146.

1955. "Contemporary impediments to faith." Christianity and Crisis 15/4 (March 21): 25-26.

1955. "Christianity, the arts and the mass-media." Christianity and Crisis 15/14 (August 8): 105- 106.

Box 2

1956. "Bibliography: Amos Niven Wilder." Harvard University Divinity School Bulletin.

1956. "Scholars, theologians, and ancient rhetoric." Journal of Biblical Literature 75/1: 1-11.

1956. "Theology and the bomb." Christianity and Crisis 16/2 (Feb. 20): 9-10.

1956. "Poetry in the New Testament." Alumni Bulletin, Bangor Theological Seminary 31/2 (April): 20-27.

1956. "Widen our picture of Judaism." Contribution in "The Dead Sea Scrolls: their significance to religious thought. A symposium." The New Republic 134/14 (April 9): 16-17.

1956. "The Dead Sea Scrolls: writings enable modern man to view life 1900 years ago." Boston Herald (Oct. 19).

1957. "Bibliography on theology and modern literature." Bulletin of the General Theological Library 49/4 (Sept.): 4-8.

1957. "Christianity and the arts." The Christian Scholar 40/4 (Dec.): 261-268.

1958. "The cross: social trauma or redemption." Daedalus 87/3: 20-36.

1958. "Eschatology imagery and earthly circumstance." New Testament Studies 5: 229-245.

1958. Weltfremdes Christentum? (Göttingen: Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht). Translation of Otherworldliness and the New Testament (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1954).

1958. "The basis of Christian ethics in the New Testament" (typed manuscript). Journal of Religious Thought 15: 137-146.

1958. "The American Adam: innocence and experience." Washington & Jefferson College Alumni Bulletin 28/4 (Oct.): 4-5, 18-22.

1958. "Christianity and the campus." The New Republic 139/24 (Dec. 15): 13-16.

1959. "Anterooms of faith?" The New Republic 141/11 (Sept. 14): 16-18.

1959. "The modern mask: two versions." Christianity and Crisis 19/16 (Oct. 5): 138-140.

1960. "American literature and its religious archetypes." In Festschrift zum 75. Geburtstag von Theodor Spira (Heidelberg: Carl Winter/Universitätsverlag, 1960: 252-259).

1960. "Autumn fires" (translated from Fr. Hölderlin's poem "Reif sind, in Feuer getaucht..."). In Festschrift zum 75. Geburtstag von Theodor Spira (Heidelberg: Carl Winter/Universitäts- verlag, 1960).

1960. "The twice-born (after Rilke: "Siehe, ich wußte es sind...")." In Festschrift zum 75. Geburtstag von Theodor Spira (Heidelberg: Carl Winter/Universitätsverlag, 1960).

1960. "Christian social action and existentialism." Journal of Religion 40/3 (July): 155-160.

1960. "Social symbol and the communication of the Gospel." Christianity and Crisis 20/21

(Dec. 12): 180-182.

1961. "New Testament study in the Divinity School." Harvard Divinity Bulletin 25/2 (Jan.): 9-16.

1961. "Modern poetry and the Gospel." Christian Century 78/8 (Feb. 22): 234-236.

1961. Review of Günther Bornkamm, Jesus of Nazareth (Harper and Bros.). United Church Herald 4/9 (May 4): 31-32.

1961. "Eleutheria in the New Testament and religious liberty." Ecumenical Review 13/4 (July): 409- 420.

1962. "Albert Schweitzer and the New Testament." In A. Roback, ed., Albert Schweitzer's Realms (Cambridge: Sci-Art, 1962: 348-362).

1962. "Form-history and the oldest tradition." In Neotestamentica et Patristica: Eine Freundes- gabe, Hernn Professor Dr. Oscar Cullmann zu Seinem 60. Geburtstag Überreicht (Leiden: E. J. Brill, 1962: 3-13).

1962. Reviews of John Macquarrie, The Scope of Demythologizing: Bultmann and his Critics (New York: Harper & Bros., 1960) and of T. W. Manson, Ethics and the Gospel (New York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1960). Harvard Divinity Bulletin 26/2: 25-27.

1962. "Art and theological meaning." Union Seminary Quarterly Review 18/1 (Nov.): 37-47.

1964. "Eschatology and the speech-modes of the Gospel." In Zeit und Geschichte: Dankesgabe an Rudolf Bultmann zum 80. Geburtstag (Tübingen: J. C. B. Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1964: 19-30).

1964. Review of C. H. Dodd, Historical Tradition in the Fourth Gospel (New York: Cambridge, 1963). Journal of Biblical Literature 83/3: 303-306.

1964. "Symbol and meaning." Children's Religion 25/5 (May): 23-26.

1964. "The reality of the life of faith." Harvard Divinity Bulletin 29/1 (Oct.): 19-24.

1964. "The Church and the people of Israel: continuity and discontinuity." Study Encounter 10/2 (Autumn): 39-43.

1965. "Mortality and contemporary literature." Harvard Theological Review 58/1 (Jan.): 1-20.

Box 3

1966. "Comment" (on preceding article by Hans W. Frei, "Theological reflections on the accounts of Jesus' death and resurrection). Christian Scholar 49/4 (Winter): 307-309.

1967. "The arts as interpreters of the modern world." Encounter 28/4: 305-312 + 4 plates.

1968. "The Church and Israel in the light of election." In F. L. Cross, ed., Studia Evangelica IV (Berlin: Akademie-Verlag, 1968: 347-357).

1968. "The uses of a theological criticism." Soundings, an Interdisciplinary Journal 52/1 (Spring): 84-98.

1971. "The rhetoric of ancient and modern apocalyptic." Interpretation 25/4 (Oct.): 436-453.

1974. "Reflections on Middle America." Christianity and Crisis 34/9 (May 27): 104-107.

1974. "Professor Emeritus Henry Joel Cadbury dies." Harvard Divinity Bulletin (Nov.)

1975. "Between reminiscence and history: a miscellany." Proceedings of the Massachusetts Historical Society 87: 105-117.

1975. "In memoriam Henry Joel Cadbury, 1883-1974." New Testament Studies 21/3: 313-317.

1975. "A grammarian with a difference: the double life of Henry Joel Cadbury, biblical scholar and man of action." Harvard Magazine 77/9 (May): 46-52.

1978. "Practice: a road the layperson can travel to the domain of the arts." Harvard Divinity Bulletin 8/3 (Feb./March): 1, 3.

1979. "'He didn't go to Paris': Thornton Wilder, Middle America and the critics." Literaturwissen- schaftliches Jahrbuch Neue Folge 20: 183-207.

1979. "Reprieve." Journal of Ecumenical Studies 16/1 (Winter): 47-50.

1984. "New Testament studies, 1920-1950: reminiscences of a changing discipline." Journal of Religion 64/4 (Oct.): 432-451.

1986. "A poet in the Depression: letters of Kenneth Patchen, 1934-1941." Sagetrieb 5/3 (Winter): 111-126.

1989. "Norman Perrin and the relation of historical knowledge to faith." Harvard Theological Review 82/2: 201-211.[n.d.]. "The literary critic and the Bible: George Steiner on The Literary Guide to the Bible." Religion and Intellectual Life: 17-24.

Miscellaneous Papers

Bibliographies of works by Amos N. Wilder.

Kenseth, Arnold, "A poem for Amos Wilder"; Dec. 10, 1963; typed manuscript.

Memorial service program, First Church, Cambridge, Mass.; June 21, 1993.

N.T. 121b, "Problems in the Gospels" syllabus; Spring 1962.

Obituaries of Amos N. Wilder (d. May 1, 1993).

Miscellaneous materials - copy of James M. Robinson and Helmut Koester, Trajectories through Early Christianity (Fortress Press, 1971); flyer announcing William Belden Noble lectures delivered by Amos N. Wilder on Nov. 19-28, 1956; and miscellaneous newspaper clippings.


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