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bMS 13001/Warlick: Writings of Harold C. Warlick

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1972. "The Baby-Jesus Syndrome," The Christian Century: Dec. 20: 1299-1300

1972. "Fosdick's Preaching Method," Religion in Life, Winter: 509-523

1973. "Tillich's Consciousness of Guilt and Autonomous Thinking," Foundations, January-March: 25-40

1978. "Biblical Interpretation in Preaching, trans. By John E. Steely," review by Warlick, Minister's Personal Library Journal, Sept.: 1-3

1980. "Blessed to be a Blessing," a sermon for Easter

1980. "Daybreak," sermon for Lent

1980. "Despair: A Human No," a sermon for Good Friday

1980. "Humankind: The Summation of Creation," a sermon for Lent

1980. "I Am Who I Am," a sermon for Ash Wednesday

1980. "Out of Bondage," sermon for Lent

1980. "Something to Hold to," a sermon for Lent

1980. "Something to Look Forward to," a sermon for Lent

1980. "The Union of God with God's People," sermon for Maundy Sunday

1980. "When the Eyes of History Meet the Eyes of Faith," a sermon for Lent

1982. How to Be a Minister and a Human Being, Judson Press, Valley Forge, PA

n.d. "In the Belly of the Whale: When Hate Should Die," The Saving Image Redemption in Contemporary Preaching, ed. John Killinger: 83-88

n.d. "Preaching to Suburban Captives, by Alvin C. Porteous," book review by Warlick: 1-3

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