Harvard Divinity School Faculty Writings File

bMS 13001/single files/4 (14): Writings of Ronald F. Thiemann

Contents of Folder

1985. Letter to the Harvard Divinity School Community, Dec. 19

1985. Press release, Dec. 20

1985. "Ronald Thiemann Appointed Dean of Divinity," Harvard University Gazette, Vol. LXXXI, No. 16: 1, 5

1986. "Harvard's New Lutheran Dean," The Lutheran: 8-10

1986. "He Hopes to Revitalize Theology Unit," The Boston Globe, Wed., Oct. 1: 2

1986. "New Divinity Dean Urges Fusion of Theology, Ministry," Harvard University Gazette, Vol. LXXXII, No. 5: 1, 9

1986. "Toward a Critical Theological Education," Convocation, Oct. 1: 1-23

1986. "Zest for Religion Seen by New Dean of Harvard Divinity School," The Christian Science Monitor, Jan. 26: 1, 32

1991. "The Silent War and the Challenge of Peacemaking," sermon delivered in Andover Chapel, Feb. 6

1991. "Toward the Integrated Study of Religion: A Case for the University Divinity School," accompanied by a memorandum

1998-1999. News clippings and notices 

n.d "Toward an American Public Theology: Religion in a Pluralistic Democracy" 

n.d. "The Future of an Illusion: An Inquiry into the Contrast between Theological and Religious Studies," 1-12

n.d. "Pa. Theologian to Head Harvard Divinity School"


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