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bMS 13001/Strugnell: Writings of John Strugnell

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1930. "A Roman Catholic Interpretation of Karl Barth," by Giovanni Miegge, Scottish Journal of Theology: 59-73

1948. "A Needle in a Haystack"

1956. "Communication de J. Strugnell," Revue Biblique, Vol. 63: 64-66

1956. "A Note on Ps. CXXVI. 1," The Journal of Theological Studies, Vol. VII, Part 2: 239- 243

1956. "Report of Mr. John Strugnell," Biblical Archeologist, Vol. 19: 92-94

1958. "Flavius Josephus and the Essenes: Antiquities XVIII.18-22," Journal of Biblical Literature, Vol. LXXVII, Part II: 106-115

1959. "The Nabataean Goddess Al-kutba' and her Sanctuaries," Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research, No. 156: 29-38

1960. "The Angelic Liturgy at Qumran-4Q Serek Sirot Olat Hassabbat," International Organization for the Study of the Old Testament: 317-345

1961. "Text and Language in Bible and Qumran, by M. H. Goshen-Gottstein," Journal of Biblical Literature, Vol. 80: 199-200

1962. "L'Archeologie et les Manuscrits de la Mer Morte, by Roland de Vaux," book review by Strugnell, Journal of Biblical Literature: 420-422

1963. "Les Grottes de Murabba'at, by P. Benoit, O.P., J. T. Milik, and R. de Vaux, O. P.," book review by Strugnell, The Antiquaries Journal, Vol. 43: 302-304

1963. "Many Suggestions but Few Answers," Interpretation, Vol. 17: 81-84

1963. "Things Hoped For and Things Not Seen," Duke Divinity School Bulletin, V. 27: 85-91

1963. "Two Sermons in Advent," Duke Divinity School Bulletin, Vol. XXVIII. No. 3: 217-224

1964. "The Meaning of the Qumran Scrolls for the Bible with special attention to the Book of Isaiah, by William Hugh Brownlee," book review by Strugnell, Duke Divinity School Review, Vol. 29: 137-138

1965. "More Psalms of 'David,'" Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Vol. XXXVII, No. 3: 207-216

1966. "John Strugnell"

1966. "Notes on the Text and Transmission of the Apocryphal Psalms 151, 154 (= Syr. II) and (= Syr. III)," The Harvard Theological Review, Vol. 59, No. 3: 257-281

1966. "Petra: Deux Nouvelles Inscriptions Nabateennes," Extrait de la Revue Biblique, tome LXXIII: 236-247

1967. "Josephus, Flavius," New Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. 7: 1120-1123

1967. "Josippon," New Catholic Encyclopedia, Vol. 7: 1124

1967. "Notes on 1QS 1,17-18; 8, 3-4 and 1QM 17, 8-9," Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Vol. 29, No. 4: 580-582

1967. "Notes on the Text and Metre of Ezekiel the Tragedian's Exagoge," Harvard Theological Review, Vol. 60: 449-457

1967. "Quelques Inscriptions Samaritaines," Extrait de la Revue Biblique, tome LXXIV: 555- 580

1968. "The Hebrew Text of Sirach: A Test-Critical and Historical Study, by Alexander A. Di Lella, O.F.M.," Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Vol. 30: 88-91

1969. "Litterature byzantine," Revue Biblique, Vol. 76: 475-476

1969. "Notes and Queries on 'the Ben Sira Scroll from Masada,'" Eretz-Israel, Vol. 9: 109-119

1970. "L'Apocalypse Syriaque de Baruch: Introduction, traduction du syriaque et commentaire," Journal of Biblical Literature: 484-485

1970. "John Strugnell"

1970. "Recueils et Melanges," Revue Biblique, Vol. 77: 267-268

1970. Untitled, Revue Biblique, Vol. 77: 268-270

1971. "The Epistles of Heraclitus and the Jewish Pseudepigrapha: A Warning," Harvard Theological Review, Vol. 64: 411-413

1971. "Gottesfurcht bei Jesus Sirach; Ihre religiose Struktur und ihre literarische und doktrinare Bedeutung," The Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Vol. 33: 114-115

1971. "Philo (Pseudo-) or Liber Antiquitatum Biblicarum," 408-405

1972. "Of Cabbages and Kings"--Or Queans: Notes on Ben Sira 36: 18-21, The Use of the Old Testament and Other Essays, ed. James M. Efird: 204-209

1972. "Jewish and Mandaean Incantation Bowls in the Royal Ontario Museum, by W. S. McCullough, and Mandaic Incantation Texts, by Edwin M. Yamauchi," book review by Strugnell, Journal of the American Oriental Society, Vol. 92 No. 1: 191-192

1974. "'Amen, I Say Unto You' In the Sayings of Jesus and In Early Christian Literature," Harvard Theological Review, Vol. 67: 177-181

1974. "John the Baptist, Saint," Encyclopaedia Britannica: 241-243

1974. "A Plea for Conjectural Emendation in the New Testament," The Catholic Biblical Review, Vol. 36, No. 4: 543-558

1976. "An Early Samaritan Decalogue Inscription in the Israel Museum," The Israel Museum News, No. 11: 87-92

1982. "Psaumes," Revue Biblique, Vol. 89: 617-621

1985. "Flavius Josephus and the Essenes: Antiquities XVIII," in Josephan Studies II, ed. Louis H. Feldman and Gohei Hata: 193-219

1985. "An Unpublished Halakhic Letter from Qumran," The Israel Museum Journal, Vol. IV: 9- 12

1986. "The Cambridge History's Persian Period," Midstream, Dec.: 52-54

1988. "4Q Second Ezekiel," Revue de Qumran, Numeros 49-52, Tome 13: 45-58

1989. "Conspiracy of Silence: Dead Sea Scrolls Editors Criticized for Delays in Releasing Documents," The Chronicle of Higher Education

1989. Scholars charge theological 'cover up,' Lively battle on Dead Sea Scrolls," The Boston Herald

1989. "Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls: A scholarly squabble over an archaeological treasure," Time, August 14: 71-72

1990. Biblical Archaeology Review, Vol. XVI, No. 2

1991. "Rest of Dead Sea Scrolls are published, breaking monopoly of group of scholars," 3

n.d. "Calif. library will release Dead Sea Scroll photos"

n.d. "John Strugnell"

n.d. Vertical File Inventory


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