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bMS 13001/Sperry, Willard Learoyd: Writings of Willard Learoyd Sperry

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Box 1

1913. "Commencement Address," June 18, Olivet College Bulletin, Vol. XIII, No. 3: 2-12

1914. "The Case for Foreign Missions," Envelope Series, Vol. XVII, No. 3: 3-22

1914. "Christ or Antichrist," 7-22

1914. "Mark Rutherford," The Harvard Theological Review, Vol. VII: 166-192

1915. "Christ Our Peace: The Sequel 'Non-Resistance,'" 7-22

1915. "The Home-Coming of the Ark of God," sermon preached in Central Church, Boston, Nov. 14: 3-16

1915. "Non-Resistance," 7-29

1915. "Selections from the Poems of Francis Thompson," 3-27

1916. "Billy Sunday," sermon preached in the Central Congregational Church, Boston, Mass., Nov. 12: 3-24

1916. "Poems of the War," series of addresses given at The Sunday Vespers in Lent: 4-32

1916. "Studies in the Sermon on the Mount," 1-14

1916. "Thanksgiving: The Spirit of True Gratitude," sermon preached in the Central Congregational Church, Boston: 7-25

1917. "Orthodoxy and Heresy in the New Day," Contemporary Review, June: 1-7

1917. "The Unsuspected God," sermon preached in Central Church, Boston: 1-8

1918. "The Casting Out of Prussianism," sermon preached at a union service of the First Church in Boston and Central Church, Boston, April 14: 3-15

1918. "The Gulf," 735-742

1918. "New Bottles for New Wine," sermon preached in Central Church, Boston: 3-16

1918. "The Seeds of War in the Social Order," The New World: 14-16

1918. "The Seeds of War in the Social Order, Part II," The New World: 33-35

1918. "The Seeds of War in the Social Order, Part III," The New World: 66-67

1918. "Special Reading List: The European War," Bulletin of the General Theological Library, Vol. XI, No. 1: 9-21

1919. "Bridging the Gulf," Atlantic: 311-320

1920. "The Double Loyalty of the Christian Ministry," The Harvard Theological Review, Vol. XIII, No. 2: 101-123

1921. "Parish List," Central Boston Church: 1-23

1922. "The Call to the Ministry," The Harvard Theological Review, Vol. XV: 1-16

1922. "Dean Sperry Discusses New Theological School," Harvard Crimson, Dec. 22

1922. "The Meaning of God in the Life of Lincoln," sermon preached in Central Church, Boston, Feb. 12: 3-18

1922. "My Reasons," Central Church Bulletin, Vol. VIII, No. 4: 1-2

1922. "Peter Bell in Search of a Religion," 516-523

1922. "'Quo Vadis,' Whither Goest Thou?," sermon preached in Central Church, Boston: Feb. 19: 3-19

1922-1923. Pasted sheet containing several newspaper articles on "Visitation Week"

1923. "My Instincts and the Moral World," The Intercollegian, April: 3-5

1923. "Religious Education--Its Scope and Its Limitations," Onward, Vol. Xxx, No. 24: 1-2

1923. "Theologists to Meet in April," Boston Herald, March 15

1923. "Visitation Week Program"

1924. "The Christian's Tact," Congregationalist, March 6

1924. "Liberalism in Contemporary Religion," Jewish Institute of Religion Bulletin: 3-18

1926. "Religion in Contemporary America," The Yale Review, 17-30

1926. "The Strait Way," The Church Tower, Vol. 3, No. 4: 1-6

1927. "The Call to Ministry," The Harvard Theological Review, Vol. XV: 1-16

1928. "Dean Sperry Sees No Danger in U.S. of State-Church," New York Evening World, March 13

1928. "The Desire of Discipline," King's Chapel Publications, New Series, No. 14: 3-10

1928. "The Mental Habits of the Minister," Rochester Theological Seminary Bulletin: 113

1928. "Modern Religion and American Citizenship," The Yale Review, Vol. XVII, No. 3: 417-430

1929. "The Revealer of God," 5-17

Box 2

1931. "The Nature of the Church," The Harvard Theological Review, Vol. XXIV, No. 3: 155-196

1934. "Williams College Baccalaureate Sermon," 1-10

1935. "Dean Sperry," Harvard Alumni Bulletin, Vol. 38, No. 2: 46

1935. "Dean Sperry in California," Harvard Alumni Bulletin, Vol. 37, No. 16: 507

1935. "Dean Sperry Sees Many Unfit Ministers," Boston Evening Transcript, March 23

1935. "Dux Redivivus," by Edward Sackville-West, The Spectator, July

1935. "Honor for Dean Sperry," Harvard Alumni Bulletin, Vol. 38, No. 3: 97

1935. "Prominent People Land in Hub From Carinthia"

1935. "Rebuilding Our World," The Rice Institute Pamphlet, Vol. XXII, No. 3: 159-169

1936. "Sermon," 1-5

1936. "Tercentenary Sermon," Divinity School Bulletin: 45-48

1937. "The Basis of Christian Faith and Action Today," Anglican Theological Review, 187-190

1937. "The Edinburgh Conference," Advance, Nov. 1: 484-486

1937. "The Fellowship of Prayer," Lenten Season

1937. "The Non-theological Factors in the Making and Unmaking of Church Union," World Conference on Faith and Order, report No. 3: v-viii, 1-29

1937. "Report of the Second World Conference on Faith and Order," 1-42

1939. "Dean Sperry in the South," Harvard Alumni Bulletin, Vol. 41, No. 34: 1171

1939. "Portrait of Dean Sperry," Harvard Alumni Bulletin, Vol. 42, No. 2: 55

1940. "Memorial Church and Phillips Brooks House," Report of the President of Harvard College: 1-5

1940. The Ministry as a Vocation and a Profession," Religion in the Making, Vol. 1, No. 1: 23- 32

1941. "The Dilemma of Christianity," The Russell Lecture, Tufts College: 3-18

1941. "Dispassionateness," Harvard Alumni Bulletin, Vol. 43, No. 8: 456

1941. "Honorary Degrees," Harvard Alumni Bulletin, Vol 43, No. 18: 1018

1941. "Two Letters," The Harvard Theological Review, Vol. XXXIV, No. 2: 145-159

1942. "The Evolution of the Soul," lecture on the William F. Ayers Foundation, Vol. 2, No. 6: 3- 38

1942. "Our Moral Chaos," 4-8

1942. "Public Worship Bibliography," Bulletin of the General Theological Library, Vol. XXXV, No. 1: 5-23

1942. "Willard L. Sperry, Dean," Our Sunday Visitor, May 10: 5

1943. "The 'Feel' of this War," 473-474

1943. "Our Churches and These Times"

1943. "The Valedictory Service," January 10

1944. "A Tribute to the Late Archbishop of Canterbury," Federal Council Bulletin, 6

1945. "The Common Conscience," "American Protestantism," and "Chaplains and Others," Harvard Alumni Bulletin, March 31: 378-279

1945. [Excerpts from Sperry's annual report on Memorial Church]

1945. "In Memoriam Franklin Delano Roosevelt," 3-6

1945. "The Outlook for Our Churches," 1-15

1945. "A Service of Commemoration in Honor of the Harvard Dead in the Second World War," 5-28

1945. "Willard Learoyd Sperry," Advance, May: 10-12

1946. "Digest of 'What's Wrong with the Clergy,'" Digests of Informed Opinion: 1-4

1946. "Retrospects and Prospects," Christendom, Vol. XI

1946. "What's Wrong with the Clergy?," American Mercury: 410-418

1947. "The Alumnus," Harvard Alumni Bulletin, April 26

1947. "Baccalaureate Sermon"

1947. "The Call to the Ministry," The Harvard Theological Review, Vol. XV: 2-16

1947. "Dean Sperry Honored," The Boston Globe, April 10

1947. "The Immortality of Man," 1-23

1947. "The Most Important Thing in Life," The Christian-Evangelist, Vol. 85, No. 7: 159-160

1947. "Sperry Warns of 'Waiting to Live' At Baccalaureate," Crimson

1948. "Moral Problems in the Practice of Medicine," New England Journal of Medicine: 1-16

1948. "The Present Outlook for Religion," The American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Dec.: 2-4

1949. "War's Impact on Religion," The Virginia Quarterly Review, Vol. 25, No. 1: 1-16

1949. "Willard L. Sperry"

1950. "Albert Schweitzer," a sermon preached in the Memorial Church, Nov. 12: 3-10

1950. "The Case Against Mercy Killing," The American Mercury, March: 271-278

1950. "Divinity School Undergoes Periodic Crisis, Seeks University's Aid," The Harvard Crimson, Dec.: 4-5, 6

1950. "The Place of Jesus Christ in the Christian Religion," The Modern Churchman, Sept.: 239-249

1951. "The Decline of Conscience," The Virginia Quarterly Review, April 17: 206-218

1951. "Divinity School Undergoes Periodic Crisis, Seeks University's Aid," The Harvard Crimson, Sat., Dec. 8: 4-6

1951. "Harvard Portraits-67," Harvard Alumni Bulletin: 724

1951. "Living in Two Worlds," Advance: 6-7

1951. "The Marriage Service," 1-3

Box 3

1952. "Wordsworth's Religion, by Sperry," and "Books by Dean Willard L. Sperry," Bulletin of the American Congregational Association, Vol. 3, No. 2: 3-10

1953. "Approaches to the Idea of Immortality," Divinity School Bulletin: 5-21

1953. "Dean Sperry Quits Harvard Divinity Post," Boston Herald, Jan. 15

1953. "Dean Sperry Retires," Harvard Alumni Bulletin: 377-378

1953. "The Dean's Letter," Divinity School Bulletin: 69-75

1953. "Fulcrum of the Republic," Saturday Review of Literature

1953. "The Importance of William James," The Journal of Pastoral Care, Vol. VII, No. 3: 148- 152

1953. Scribe, final issue, dedicated to Sperry, May: 1-4

1953. "A Time for Creative Living," Advance, Jan. 5: 11-12

1953. "Towards a Bibliography of the Published Writings of Willard Learoyd Sperry," Divinity School Bulletin: 57-75

1954. "Act of Worship, Not Sermon, Most Helpful, Said Sperry," Boston Sunday Herald, May 23

1954. "The Keeping of Immanuel's Day," The Chaplain: 1-2

1954. "Retired Dean Sperry Dies, 72," Boston Sunday Herald, May 16

1954. "Sunday Papers of May 23," press release

1954. "Willard L. Sperry, Divinity Dean, Died Here Saturday"

1954. "Willard Learoyd Sperry," Harvard University Gazette, Oct. 30: 38-39

1956. "A Manual of Public Worship," 1-16

1961. Dedication of the Willard Learoyd Sperry Lecture Room, Dec. 7

1962. "Dean Sperry and Appleton Chapel," 1-4

1966. "At the Memorial Services for Professor F. N. Robinson," order of service prepared for use in Memorial Church by the late Dean Sperry

n.d. "American Christianity and Church Universal," 55-66

n.d. "The Ethical and the Aesthetic in Religion," Christendom: 147-156

n.d. Typescript fragment

n.d. "Jesus Said," Religion in Life: 375-383

n.d. "More Students Attend Chapel, Harvard Finds," 8

n.d. "On the Side Lines," 765-771

n.d. Photograph of Sperry

n.d. "Prayers for Private Devotions in War-Time," 3-66

n.d. "Role of Religion Defined at Vassar"

n.d. "Some Unconventional Reflections on the Religious Education of Our Children"

n.d. "Text: 'Let this mind be in you, which was also in Christ Jesus," 3-10

n.d. "Thirteen Americans: Their Spiritual Autobiographies," Religion and Civilization: 231- 251

n.d. Vertical File Inventory

n.d. "Wordsworth's Anti-Climax: The Cause of His Curious and Tragic Decline"


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