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bMS 13001/Slater: Writings of Robert H. L. Slater

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1940. "God of the Living, or Human Destiny, by Slater," a review by Marion Bradshaw, The Review of Religion, Vol. IV, No. 4: 473-476

1950. "Reason, Revelation and Paradox," McGill University Faculty of Divinity Inaugural Lectures: 22-38

1957. "The Idea of Revelation in Recent Thought, by John Baillie," Canadian Journal of Theology, Vol. III, No. 4: 280-281

1957. "Three Lectures on 'Modern Trends in Theology'," delivered at the Bishop's Conference for Clergy of the Diocese of Toronto held in Peterborough, Ontario, October: 3-31

1961. "Bibliography on World Religions," Bulletin of the General Theological Library, Vol. LIV, No. 1: 4-14

1961. "The Meeting of Religions," Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Jan.: 1-8

1963. "Some Recent Books on World Religions," Harvard Divinity Bulletin, April: 31-32

1965. "Living Religions and World Community," 297-311

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