Harvard Divinity School Faculty Writings File

bMS 13001/Rupp: Writings of George Rupp

Contents of Box

1979. "Convocation 1979: Entering the Eighties"

1979. "Revised Divinity Curriculum Proposed By Incoming Dean During Convocation," Harvard University Gazette, Vol. LXXV, No. 3: 1, 2

1980. "Back to basics is dean's plan," Boston Sunday Globe, April 20: 95

1983. "Harvard divinity dean doesn't fit mold," The Houston Post, Oct. 15

1984. Bibliography

1984. "Call to Worship-Baccalaureate"

1984. "Convocation"

1985. "Divinity School Dean Named President of Rice University," Harvard University Gazette, Vol. LXXX, No. 26: 1, 16

1985. Letter of Resignation

1985. "School of Science Picks Theologian," The New York Times, March 14: A17

1986. Memorandum to the Harvard Divinity School Community, from John Carman, Feb. 18

n.d. "Beyond God the Father"

n.d. "Beyond God the Father-Again"

n.d. "Buddhist-Christian Interaction: Another Look in Response to M. David Eckel and Robert A. F. Thurman"

n.d. "Communities of Faith/Communities of Learning"

n.d. "Commitment in a Pluralistic World," Theological Opportunities Program Lecture

n.d. "The Critical Appropriation of Traditions: Theology and the Comparative History of Religion," Wilfred Cantwell Smith Festschrift

n.d. "Discussion of John B. Cobb, Beyond Dialogue: Toward a Mutual Transformation of Christianity and Buddhism"

n.d. "Ethics and the Academy: Education as Moral Action"

n.d. "From Civil Religion to Public Faith"

n.d. "Hegel and the History of Religions: An Update for the Twenty-First Century"

n.d. "Incarnation and Apocalyptic: Christology in the Context of Religious Pluralism"

n.d. "19th Century Working Group Response"

n.d. "Religion and Politics: Wall of Separation/Indissoluble Bond"

n.d. "Responses to J. N. Findlay's The Varieties of Religious Knowing"

n.d. "Rice University installs minister as 5th president"

n.d. "Rice May Swap Athletic Big League for Academic"

n.d. "Rice University President Picked to Succeed Sovern at Columbia," The New York Times, Vol. CXLII, No. 49, 230

n.d. "Tower of Babel/New Jerusalem"


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