Harvard Divinity School Faculty Writings File

bMS 13001/single files/4 (3): Writings of Nathan M. Pusey

Contents of Folder

1953. "Address Delivered September 30, 1953 in Andover Chapel," 1-10

1953. "Harvard and Religious Faith," 71, 78-80

1953. "Pusey Claims Religious Life Needed With Study: Reinterprets Bible Miracles Figuratively In Order To Cope With Modern Knowledge," Harvard Crimson, Nov: 1

1954. "Pusey Forecasts New Era For Religion at University"

1954. "Spring Preachers Asked To Cancel Engagements: New Chairman at Memorial Church Will Begin Sermon Series to Give Program Continuity"

1955. "Leadership and the American University: A Tribute to Henry M. Wriston," 1-7

1957. "Pusey Announces New Divinity Chair," Harvard Crimson, Feb.

1959. "Cambridge and Harvard," 3-13

1961. "Pusey Chief Attraction: Harvard Sidelights," The Boston Herald, April

n.d. "A Religion for Now," Harper's Magazine, 19-22


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