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bMS 13001/Potter, Jr.: Writings of Ralph B. Potter, Jr.

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Box 1

1959. "Some Aspects of the Discussion of Typologies of Religious Association Since the Work of Ernst Troeltsch," April 22: 2-32

1959. "The Work of Ernst Troeltsch," 2-34

1964. "Relations Between Church and State: a syllabus for use in synod school courses," 1-56

1965. Curriculum Vitae

1965. "Interpreting the Survey," Social Progress, Vol. LV, No. 3: 5-29

1966. "Advent Sermon"

1966. "Conscientious Objection to Particular Wars," 44-99

1966. "Conscientious Objection to Particular Wars," typescript prepared for publication in Religion and the Public Order: An Annual Review: 1-26b

1966. Curriculum Vitae

1966. "Just War and Reasons of State," commentary by Potter on "Just War and Vatican Council II: A Critique," by Robert W. Tucker: 53-61

1966. "Silence or Babel: The Churches and Peace," Social Action, Vol. XXXII, Social Progress, Vol. LVI, No. 3: 34-45

1966. "What is a Divinity School Professor doing at the Center for Population Studies," 10th Annual President Pusey Program, Harvard and the World Population Crisis, April 28: 1-8

Box 2

1967. "The Abortion Debate," prepared Sept. For the publication in The Religious Situation, ed. Donald Cutler, to be published by Beacon Press, Spring 1968: 1-50

1967. "Protestant Parochialism and the Population Problem," Alma College Perspective, Spring: 6-14

1967. "Reflections Upon Abortion and the Population Crisis," 1-112

1967. "Religion, Politics, and Population: Time for a Change," Harvard Medical Alumni Bulletin, Vol. 41, No. 4: 14-21

1967. "What Can We Say to All Those Strange People," remarks by Potter at the 1967 College Conference, United Theological Seminary, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Feb. 4: 1-18

1968. "New Problems for Conscience in War," 1-32

1968. "Selective Objection in no Trivial Matter," The Presbyterian Outlook, Vol. 150, No. 36: 1

1969. Bibliography

1969. Curriculum Vitae

1969. "Teaching"

1973. "Alternative Approaches to Optimum Population Theory," The Population Crisis and Moral Responsibility, ed. J. Philip Wogaman: 17-37

1974. "Vacation and Friendship," The Will Judy Lecturship, Juniata College, Huntington Pennsylvania, March 26-27: 1-35

1976. "Does Medicine Care About Those Who Care?," The Guthrie Bulletin, Vol. 46: 89-95

1977. "Justice and Beyond in Moral Education," an address at the Regional Conference on the Moral Development of Youth, Wayzata, Minnesota, June 1: 1-21

1991. Marriage invitation

n.d. Correspondence, from Potter to Krister Stendahl

n.d. "University and Public Services"

n.d. Vertical File Inventory


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