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bMS 13001/Oberman: Writings of Heiko Augustine Oberman

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1959. "De Praedestinatione et Praescientia: An Anonymous 14th-century Treatise on Predestination and Justification," Overdruk Uit Nederlandsch Archief Voor Kerkgeschiedenis, Deel 43, Afl. 4: 195-220

1959. "The Sermo Epinicius Ascribed to Thomas Bradwardine (1346)," Archives D'Histoire Doctrinale Et Litteraire Du Moyen Age: 295-329

1960. "The Preaching of the Word in the Reformation," Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Oct.: 7-18

1960. "Scripture and Tradition in Middle Ages and Reformation: A Review Article," 1-36

1962. "Amerikaanse Nederlander in Rome: Dr. Oberman prettig verrast door sfeer van concilie," de Volkskrant van Zaterdage, Dec.

1962. "Facientibus Quod In Se Est Deus Non Denegat Gratiam," Harvard Theological Review, Vol. LV, No. 4: 317-342

1962. "Quo Vadis, Petre? The History of Tradition from Irenaeus to Humani Generis," Harvard Divinity Bulletin, July: 1-23

1962. Resume, including bibliography: 1-7

1963. "The Ecumenical Council: Vatican II and the Dialogue in America," Harvard Alumni Bulletin, Feb.: 348-349

1964. "Protestant and Catholic," news about Harvard, Sep. 4-30: 7-8

1965. Correspondence, to W. Sherman Skinner from Oberman, Dec. 16

1965. Correspondence, to W. Sherman Skinner from Oberman, Dec. 31

n.d. "Protestant Reflections on Church and State"

n.d. Resume, including bibliography


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