Harvard Divinity School Faculty Writings File

bMS 13001/single files/3 (12): Writings of Andrew Norton

Contents of Folder

1818. "Discourse on Religious Education," the Annual Derby Lecture: 3-27

1819. "Statement of Reasons for not Believing the Doctrines of Trinitarians Respecting the Nature of God, and the Person of Christ," The Christian Disciple: 3-64

1822. "Address Delivered Before the University in Cambridge at the Interment of Professor Frisbie," 3-24

1823. "Review of Professor Frisbie's Address," North American Review, 3-35

1825. "Professor Norton's Speech: Speech Delivered Before the Overseers of Harvard College," iii-xxiii, 1-35

1827. "On the Change of Character in Men Spoken of in the New Testament, as Produced by Christianity," The Liberal Preacher, Vol. I, No. 47-61

1846. "Additions made in the Second Edition of the First Volume of Norton's Evidences of the Genuineness of the Gospels," 3-52

1932. "A Letter Written in 1819," Harvard Alumni Bulletin, Vol. 34, No. 31: 963-964


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