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bMS 13001/single files/3 (8): Writings of George MacRae

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1965. "The Coptic Gnostic Apocalypse of Adam," The Heythrop Journal, Vol. VI, No. 1: 27-35

1970. "The Fourth Gospel and Religionsgeschichte," Catholic Biblical Quarterly, Vol. 32, No. 1:13-24

1973. "Theology and Irony in the Fourth Gospel," The Word in the World: 83-96

1977. "Discourses of the Gnostic Revealer," Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Gnosticism: 111-122

1980. "A Note on Romans 8:26-27," Harvard Theological Review: 227-230

1982. "A Kingdom That Cannot Be Shaken: The Heavenly Jerusalem In The Letter To The Hebrews,"

1983. "Apocalypticism in the Mediterranean World and the Near East," Proceedings of the International Colloquium on Apocalypticism: 317-325

1985. "Acting Dean of Divinity Named," Harvard University Gazette, Vol. LXXX, No. 29: 1

1985. Letter to HDS community announcing MacRae's death

1985. Wake, funeral service, memorial service announcement

1985. "A Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of George Winsor MacRae, S.J.," order of service

1985. Funeral Mass Program

1985. "Funeral Services Held for George W. MacRae, S.J.," Harvard University Gazette, Vol. LXXXI, No. 2: 2

1985. "George MacRae of Harvard Dies," New York Times: 28

1985. "Divinity School Mourns George MacRae," Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Vol. XVI, No. 1: 2

n.d. "A minister of the world," by Daniel J. Harrington

n.d. Bibliography


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