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bMS 13001/Lehmann, P. L.: Writings of Paul Louis Lehmann

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1940. "The Authority of the Church and Freedom," The Review of Religion, Jan. 10: 159-169 1940. "Barth and Brunner: The Dilemma of the Protestant Mind," The Journal of Religion, Vol. XX, No. 2: 124-140

1941. "Forgiveness: Decisive Issue in Protestant Thought, by Lehmann," book review by Herbert W. Schneider, The Review of Religion, Vol. V, No. 2: 220-223

1941. "Wisdom and Folly in Religion, by Joseph Haroutunian," book review by Lehmann, The Review of Religion, Vol. V, No. 4: 472-478

1943. "The Christian Faith and Contemporary Culture: An exposition and appraisal of the Gifford lectures by Reinhold Niebuhr, delivered at Edinburgh in 1939," The Student World, Vol. XXXVI, No. 4: 317-332

1944. "The Wretchedness and Greatness of the Church, by W. A. Visser't Hooft," book review by Lehmann, The Student World, Vol. XXXVII, No. 3: 266-269

1944. "The Christian Doctrine of Man, I. Man as Creature," The Journal of Religious Thought, Vol. I, No. 2: 140-156

1945. "The Christian Doctrine of Man, II. Man as Sinner," The Journal of Religious Thought, Vol. II, No. 1: 60-77

1945. "The Christian Doctrine of Man, III. Man as Believer," The Journal of Religious Thought, Vol. II, No. 2: 179-194

1945. "The Human Prospect," book reviews by Lehmann of The Condition of Man, by Lewis Mumford and The Obedience of a Christian, by Edgar P. Dickie, The Student World, Vol. XXXVIII, No. 1: 70-77

1945. Memorandum, to Lehmann, from Rolland E. Wolfe, Oct. 20th

1946. "Contemporary Reflections on the Epistle to the Romans," The Journal of Bible and Religion, Vol. XIV, No. 3: 158-163

1954. "Academic Freedom in the United States," The Student World, Vol. XLVII, No. 2: 163-173

1954. "Your Freedom is in Trouble," 6-39

1956. "The Context of Theological Inquiry," Convocation Address, delivered at the Harvard Divinity School, Sept. 26: 63-73

1962. "Ideology and Incarnation: A Contemporary Ecumenical Risk," 5-27

1962. "Ideologie et Incarnation: un risque actuel de l'aecumanisme," 3-28

1962. "Ideologie und Inkarnation: Ein gegnwartiges okumenisches Risiko," 3-30

1962. Letter announcing Lehmann's move to Union Seminary, Dec. 27

1963. "The Formative Power of Particularity," Union Seminary Quarterly Review, Vol. XVIII, No. 3, Part. II: 306-319

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