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1904. The Influence of Textual Criticism on the Exegesis of the New Testament: an Inaugural Lecture Delivered before the University of Leiden on January 27, 1904 (Oxford: Parker and Son, 1904).

1915. "The importance of the history of the Church." Theological Study [Tokyo] 7/1 (Oct.): 1- 14.

1920. "The Epistola Apostolorum." Harvard Theological Review 14 (Jan.): 15-29.

1922. "Teaching the Bible." Harvard Alumni Bulletin 24 (March 23): 593-599.

1923. The School of Life: A Sermon...Preached in Unity Church, St. Paul. Jan. 28, 1923.

1927. "The Council of Jerusalem described in Acts XV." In Israel Abrahams Memorial Volume (Vienna: Adolf Holzhausen's Successors, Printers to the University, 1927: 244-265).

1928. Kirsopp Lake, Robert P. Blake, and Silva New, "The Caesarean text of the Gospel of Mark." Harvard Theological Review 21/4 (Oct.): 207-404.

1940. Kirsopp and Silva Lake, "The Byzantine text of the Gospels." Mémorial Lagrange (Paris: Librarie Lecoffre/J. Gabalda et Cie, Éditeurs, 1940: 251-258).

1945. "Albert Schweitzer's influence in Holland and England." In A. A. Roback et al., eds., The Albert Schweitzer Jubilee Book (Cambridge, Mass.: Sci-Art, [1945]: 427-439).

Miscellaneous Papers

Obituary, Harvard University Gazette, Jan. 7, 1947: 92.

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