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1968. "A Sermon," by Conrad Wright, preached at the ordination of Peter Gomes

1978. "The Disturbing Presence," a sermon preached in St. Paul's Cathedral, Boston, April 9: 3-10

1978. "Of Giants and Grasshoppers," a sermon preached in Memorial Church, Harvard University, Sept. 10: 1-3

1978. "The Sense of the Season," a sermon preached in Memorial Church, Harvard University, Dec. 3: 1-4

1978. "Symbols and Substance," a sermon preached in Memorial Church, Harvard University, Nov. 12: 1-3

1979. "American Preaching: A Dying Art?," Time, Dec. 31: 64-67

1981. Correspondence, May

1982. "The Keeper of the House," by Jane Williams, Harvard Magazine, Nov.-Dec.: 53-61

1984. Calendar of Events, Memorial Church

1984. Calendar of Events (poster), Memorial Church

1984. Correspondence

1984. Invitation to Annual Festival Service for the Friends of the Memorial Church

1984. Morning Prayers, Memorial Church

1984. Order of Worship, Memorial Church, Sept. 16

1984. "The Reverend Richard Holloway to Deliver Lectures," News from Memorial Church

1985. "A Communion Meditation: The Constraints of Conscience"

1985. Invitation to Annual Festival Service for the Friends of the Memorial Church

1985. "Peter J. Gomes," by D. C. Denison, The Boston Globe Magazine, March 3: 2, 32

1986. Invitation

1986. Invitation to Annual Festival Service for the Friends of the Memorial Church

1987. Lent in the Memorial Church

1991. "BGLSA Uses Wrong Tactics," by Jonathan R. Funke, Harvard Crimson, Nov. 23: 2

1991. "Editorial Hurt Gay Community," by Alejandro Reuss et al., Harvard Crimson, Nov. 23: 2

1991. "Gomes Should Resign," by Sumner Anderson, Harvard Crimson, Nov. 20

1991. "On Harvard, The Church and Coming Out," by Alessandra M. Galloni, Harvard Crimson, Nov. 27: 3

1991. "A House Divided: How 56 Pages Unleashed a Flood of Words," Brian D. Ellison, Harvard Crimson, Nov. 22: 3

1991. "In the Wake of Peninsula, Anti-Gay Actions in Adams," by Deborah Steinberger , p. 1, 8, "A Bold Defense of Liberty," by Christopher Brown, p. 2, "Mourning Intolerance and 'Wounding of the Soul,'" by Rev. H. Frederick Reisz, p. 2, Harvard Crimson, Nov. 25

1991. "Master of the pulpit: Harvard's Rev. Gomes wins a loyal following," by John Robinson, The Boston Globe, Jan. 10: 69, 73

1991. Peninsula, special double issue, Vol. 3, No. 2

1991. "Peninsula: 'Negative Philosophers,'" by William S. Noble, Harvard Crimson, Nov. 11: 2

1991. "Peninsula, Please Shut Up," by Joel Derfner, p. 2, "Peninsula Is Not Harvard's Sex Therapist," by Stephanie Jordan, p. 2, Harvard Crimson, Dec. 2

1991. "Peninsula's Pity Is Misdirected," by Sheila Allen, p. 6, "Free Speech Means Listening, Too," by Matthew McDonald, p. 6, Harvard Independent, Nov. 21

1991. "Political Orientations: Campus grapples with issues of sexuality," by Carolyn McKee et al., Harvard Independent, Nov. 21: 3

1991. "Prayer on the Occasion of the Installation of Neil Rudenstine as Twenty-Sixth President of Harvard College," October 18

1991. Speech Delivered at Rally in Protest of Peninsula Magazine, Nov. 15

1991. "200 Denounce Peninsula At BGLSA Rally in Yard," Harvard Crimson, Vol. CXCV, No. 51: 1, 5

1991. "Why Are They So Scared?," with note, Harvard Crimson, Nov. 18: 2

1992. "Debate at Harvard continues over call for minister to resign," Boston Globe, March 6: 50

1992. "Gay vs. Antigay: A Harvard debate," Boston Globe, Jan. 28: 25, 28

1992. "Gomes Inspires Crowd At Annual June Dinner," p. 1, 4, "Homophobic? Re-Read Your Bible," p. 5, "Gomes' Coming Out Story Offers Wider Lessons," p. 7, The Harvard Gay & Lesbian Newsletter, Vol. X, No. 3

1992. "Homophobic? Re-Read Your Bible," The New York Times, Aug. 17

1992. "A matter of interpretation," by Jason Petrulis, Harvard Independent, Feb. 27: 3

1992. The Nave, Vol. XVII, No. 23

1992. "New Group Pursues Gomes' Resignation," Harvard Crimson, Vol. CXCVI, No. 19

1992. "Officials Condemn Gomes' Critics," Harvard Crimson, Vol. CXCVI, No. 29: 1, 7

1992. Photograph, Gomes and David Lockwood, Oct.

1992. "The Politics of Sex," by Jendi Reiter and Manuel Lopez, The Harvard Salient, Jan./Feb.: 7

1992. "President Defends Gomes From Attack," Harvard Crimson, Vol. CXCVI, No. 20: 1, 9

1992. "Rudenstine Issues Statement on Gomes," Harvard Gazette, Feb. 21: 2

1992. "Sexually Speaking," by Adam Goodheart, Harvard Magazine, Jan./Feb.: 87-88

1992. "Sixteen Demand Gomes Resign," Harvard Crimson, Vol. CXCVI, No. 23: 1, 7

1993. "Back in the Military Closet," New York Times, May 22: 19

1993. "Ceremony Honors Faculty and Staff with 25 Years of Service," Harvard Gazette, May 28

1993. "Fighting for the Bible: Struggling for the Scriptures in America's Cultural War," book proposal

1993. "Gomes receives Signet Society's medal of achievement," Harvard Gazette, May 14: 4

1993. "Harvard minister gets book deal," The Boston Globe, Aug. 18: 58

1993. "Holy Orders: Authority and Vocation Reconsidered In the Light of an Inclusive God," The Dudleian Lecture Under the Fourth Rubric, Feb. 10: 1-23

1993. "Peter Gomes is happy to stay at Harvard," The Boston Globe, Feb.

1994. "Class Acts: Early achievers, late bloomers, familiar faces, and other notable graduates of Boston area high schools," The Boston Globe, June 12

1994. "Commencement Guide," Harvard Magazine, June: 28

1994. "Holy Orders: Authority and Vocation Reconsidered in the Light of an Inclusive God," Dudleian Lecture

1994. "John Boswell's quietly shocking look at the facts," book review by Gomes of Same-Sex Unions in Premodern Europe, The Boston Globe, June 26: 91-92

1994. "Keeping the faith at Harvard," 10 Percent, March/April, Vol. 2: 36-39, 70-71 1994. News From Memorial Church

1995. Untitled article, Boston Globe, March, 18

1995. "Of Gomes and Gatherings: Hundreds celebrate a minister's Silver Jubilee," Harvard University Gazette, Vol. XCI, No. 7: 3, 8

1995. "I am so happy to be here," Pilgrim Society News, Fall: 1, 3

1995. Invitations to the Silver Jubilee Dinner in honor of Gomes

1995. "The Place Belongs to God," by Ugene C. McAfee

1995. "Silver Julibee [sic] Marks Gomes's Service," Harvard University Gazette, 1, 8

n.d. Audio Cassette

n.d. "Bicentennial Interfaith Celebration-Old South Meeting House"

n.d. "Can Opposition to Homosexuality be Justified?," poster

n.d. "Gustov Leonhardt," poster

n.d. Invitation to the 10th Anniversary of the appointment of Gomes

n.d. RSVP

n.d. Vertical File Inventory


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