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1967. "Der Kampf um fie reine Lehre im Urchristentum als Auseinandersetzung um das rechte Verstandnis der an Israel ergangenen Offenbarung Gottes," 83-94

1971. "Bleibende Aufgaben, die uns Rudolf Bultman stellt," 66-76

1971. "Ernst Block Als Bibelleser," 1-10

1972. "Jesus' Era Called Key to His Impact," Los Angeles Times, September

1972. "Jubilate," 201-212

1973. "Gonntag nach Weihnachten," 54-62

1976. "Socioeconomic Reasons for the 'Divine Man' as a Propagandistic Pattern," Aspects of Religious Propaganda in Judaism and Early Christianity, ed. E. Schüssler-Fiorenza: 27-41

1985. "Das Unbenhagen an dem Juden Paulus," Nicht Du tragst die Wurzel-die Wurzel tragt Dich: HannaWolff und die Frage nach einer christlichen: 78-95

1993. "Holy Orders: Authority and Vocation Reconsidered in the Light of an Inclusive God," The Dudleian Lecture, Under the Fourth Rubric

1997. "Legal Dimensions of Money and Theological Consequences Thereof," New Testament Doctoral Seminar Lecture, March 12, 1997

n.d. Bibliography

n.d. "Bultmann Was Not First—Josiah Royce as Interpreter of Paul," 1-22

n.d. "On Being an American Theologian: A Farewell and a Fancy," poster advertising lecture

n.d. Vertical File Inventory


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