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1967. "The Moral Justification for Research Using Human Subjects," Use of Human Subjects in Safety Evaluation of Food Chemicals: Proceedings of a Conference: 229-247

1967. "Religious Factors in the Population Problem," prepared Sept. 1967 for publication in The Religious Situation, 1-40

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1968. "Why Contraceptive Programs Are Unsuccessful," 6-8

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1976. "Curriculum Vitae," June

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1980. "Curriculum Vitae," August

1980. "An Ethic of the Healing Art," Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Vol. X, No. 3: 6-8

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1980. "Triage and Charity in Population Policy," National Forum, Vol. LX, No. 2: 36-42

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n.d. "Curriculum Vitae"

n.d. "Ethical Reflections of the Population Commission Report," 1-5

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