Harvard Divinity School Faculty Writings File

bMS 13001/Dawson: Writings of Christopher Dawson

Contents of Box

1934. "Edward Gibbon", Annual Lecture on a Master Mind, 3-24

1942. "Christian Freedom", Sword of the Spirit Pamphlets, 2-12

1942. "In the Power of the Spirit", Sword of the Spirit Pamphlets, 3-12

1943. "Dawson, Christopher, The Judgment of the Nations", book review by Carl E. Purinton, The Journal of Bible and Religion, 232-233

1950. "The Study of Christian Culture as a Means of Education", Lumen Vitae, Vol. I, No. 1, 171-186

1953. "Education and the Study of Christian Culture", Studies, 293-302

1953. "Religion", The Unity of European Culture, a series of broadcasts given over the B.B.C. Foreign Service, 6-8

1954. "Dealing with the Enlightenment and the Liberal Ideology", The Commonweal, Vol. LX, No. 6, 4-5

1954. "The European Revolution", The Catholic World, 86-95

1954. "Hope and Culture: Christian Culture as a Culture of Hope", Lumen Vitae, Vol. IX, No. 3, 425-430

1955. "Toynbee's Study of History: The Place of Civilizations in History", International Affairs, Vol. XXXI, No. 2, April, 1955, 140-158

1956. "The Teacher of the Nations", Pio XXI Pont. Max, 191-208

1958. "American Education and Christian Culture", the American Benedictine Review, Vol. IX, No. 1-2, 3-12

1958. "Christopher Dawson talks with Frank Sheed", The Sign

1958. "Dawson Sees Adventure in Harvard Post"

1958. "First Catholic Takes Post on Harvard Divinity Faculty", The Boston Herald, Thursday, October 2

1959. "The Problem of Christian Unity", Address delivered to the Graduate Newman Club of Colombia University, 1-6

1960. "America and the Secularization of Modern Culture", The Smith History Lecture, 9-31

1960. "The Study of Christian Culture", Thought, Vol. XXXV, No. 139, Winter, 485- 493

1960. Harvard Lectures, The French Revolution, The Situation of Catholicism in the 18th century

1960. Harvard Lectures VII, The Age of the Enlightenment: The Secularization of Western Culture

1960. Harvard Lectures X, Catholic Revival in Ireland and America

1961. Correspondence, from Dawson to James Tanis

1961. Harvard Lectures IX, Christian Culture

1962. "On the Place of Religious Study in Education", The Christian Scholar, 37-43

1963. Correspondence, to James Tanis from Bruno Schlesinger

1970. Vertical File Inventory

n.d. "Christianity and the Humanist Tradition", The Dublin Review, Vol. 226, No. 458, 1-11

n.d. "The Church in the U.S.A.", supplement to Catholic International Outlook, 3-8

n.d. "Education and the Crisis of Christian Culture", Lumen Vitae, Vol. I, No. 2, 204-215

n.d. Harvard Lectures, Religion and Culture

n.d. "Mediaeval Christianity", Studies in Comparative Religion, 25, 1-32

n.d. "The Historic Origins of Liberalism", The Review of Politics, Vol. 16, No 3, 267-282


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