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1959. "Biblical Evangelism in the Twentieth Century," Foundations: A Baptist Journal of History and Theology, April: 101-110

1961. "Miss America and the Cult of The Girl," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXI, No. 14: 143-146

1961. "Playboy's Doctrine of Male," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXI, No. 6: 56-58, 60

1962. "What Can Love Do?," (author not cited) Wings of Love, Vol. XXXVI, No. 1: 1-4

1963. "Bethlehem in Today's World," (author not cited) Wings of Love, Vol. XXXVII, No. 1: 1-4

1963. "A Theological Travel Diary: East Germany and Czechoslovakia, June 1963," Andover Newton Quarterly, Nov.: 26-36

1965. "Bigotry in Boston," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXV, No. 29: 250-251

1965. Biography (resume)

1965. "The Church and the City," Man in Community, Vol. 1, No. 1: 13-20

1965. "Communism and Civil Rights," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXV, No. 7: 90-91

1965. "Cox On His Critics," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXV, No. 21: 274-275

1965. "Die Verantwortung der Christen in einer technisierten Welt," Anruf und Aufbruch; zur Gestalt der Kirche in Gegenwart und Zukunft: 139-159

1965. "The Dirksen Amendment," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXV, No. 8: 101-102

1965. "Harvey Cox on the crisis we didn't expect," Observer, Nov. 15: 37

1965. "Mission in a World of Cities," address delivered at the annual luncheon sponsored by The Ministers and Missionaries Benefit Board of the American Baptist Convention, San Francisco

1965. "Musts on the Domestic Agenda," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXIV, No. 23: 270-271

1965. Responses to Cox's The Secular City by Charles C. West, Paul Lehmann, David Little, C. Kilmer Myers, in Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXV, No. 12: 147-153

1965. "The Statute of Limitations on Nazi Crimes: A Theological and Ethical Analysis," Background Reports, Oct. 5: 1-11

1966. "The Future of Belief," a review by Harvey Cox, Herder Correspondence: Book Supplement, 282A-282B

1966. "Maturity and Secularity" Religion In Life

1966. "The Playboy and the Christian, II," Theology Today, Vol. XXII, No. 4: 491-499

1966. "Report on a clergyman's best-seller," Christian Science Monitor, March 1

1966. "The Significance of the Church-World Dialogue for Theological Education," paper prepared for American Association of Theological Schools, 1-15

1967. "The Epoch of the Secular City," Plan, Vol. 8, No. 1

1966. "The Ungrateful Poor," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXVI, No. 8: 93-94

1967. "Evolutionary Progress and Christian Promise," Concilium, Vol. 6, No. 3: 18-23

1967. "The 'New Breed' in American Churches: Sources of Social Activism in American Religion," Daedalus, 135-150

1967. "On Not Leaving It to the Snake," book review by Wilfred La Croix, America, Dec.: 750

1967. "Reappraising the Draft," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXVII, No. 6: 73-74

1967. "The Riots: No Winners-Only Losers," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXVII, No. 14: 181-182

1967. "Sakulares Reden von Gott," 241-254

1967. "Tradition and the Future: I," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXVII, No. 16: 218-220

1968. "Amnesty for America's Exiles," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXVIII, No. 20: 286-288

1968. "Amnesty Urged For Deserters," Boston Globe, Nov. 11

1968. Announcement: Cox elected Professor of Divinity at Harvard University

1968. "Bibliography of the Writings of Dr. Harvey G. Cox, Jr.,"

1968. Biography and bibliography

1968. "Christian Realism: A Symposium," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXVIII, No. 14

1968. "Christmas In a Troubled Time," Long Lines, Nov./Dec.: 12-17

1968. "Exiles of the war: what now?," Christian Science Monitor, Nov. 8

1968. "Harvard Divinity Dean Blasts U.S. on Deserters," Record American, Saturday, Nov. 2: 3

1968. "Hawaii, Where America Meets Asia: Aloha and All That," Commonweal, Vol. LXXXVIII, No. 18: 528-529

1968. "I Am for Kennedy," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXVIII, No. 10: 132-133

1968. "On Barth: In Memory of Karl Barth," Commonweal, Vol. LXXXIX, No. 13: 424-425

1968. "On Not Leaving It to the Snake," book review by Richard L. Rubenstein, Commonweal, March 15: 720-721

1968. "Radical Hope and Empirical Probability," Christianity and Crisis, Vol. XXVII, No. 8: 97-98

1968. "A Republic of Virtue," Commonweal, Vol. LXXXVIII, No. 5: 138 -142

1968. "Snake-Talk," The Christian Century, March 13: 326-328

1968. "Underground Churches, Underground Schools," Commonweal, Vol. LXXXIX, No. 11: 376-378

1968. "The Uses of Dissent"

1969. "A Celebration of Conscience," Tempo, Jan. 15: 1, 3

1969. "God's Revolution and Man's Responsibility," Catholic Herald, Oct. 24

1969. "Issues for the 70's," Commonweal, Vol. XC, No. 1: 18-20

1969. Memorandum

1969. "Who's Next?," Commonweal, Vol. LXXXVII, No. 17: 524-525

1970. "Tired Images Transcended: An Interview with Myself," The Christian Century, April 1: 384-386

1973. "From Time to Time," New York Times Book Review, Oct. 14: 31

1974. "A guide through religious possibilities," New York Times Book Review, Aug. 11: 17-

1978. "Again, the Chrysanthemum and the Sword: Japan in Search of Its Soul," Christianity and Crisis: 225-229

1978. "Book Notices," review of Christians and Marxists: The Mutual Challenge to Revolution by Cox, Journal of the American Academy of Religion: 97-98

1978. "NTC Interview with Harvey Cox: Faith-Politics and My Historical Choice," NTC news, No. 22: 3-5

1979. "Science and Religion," Think, Nov./Dec.: 5-7

1979. "Turning East at the Secular City," Ola Bulletin, April: 22-27

1980. "Theology: What Is It? Who Does It? How Is It Does?," The Christian Century, Sept. 24: 874-879

1981. "Muore la teologia borghese Dio vive," il regno/attualita, 15 gennaio: 1-3

1981. "Understanding Islam: No More Holy Wars," The Atlantic, Jan.: 73-80

1983. "Harvey Cox Teaches About God, Politics, 'Passionate Intellect,'" Harvard University Gazette, Vol. LXXIX, No. 8: 5

1984. "'God is Dead' advocate Harvey Cox has changed his mind about beliefs," by James L. Franklin, The Boston Globe, July 26: 2

1984. "God's laughter breaks through," Boston Sunday Globe, April 22: A7

1984. "Political Activism Reflects Churches' Search for a Role in a Secular Society," by Kenneth Briggs, The New York Times, Sept. 9: 36

1984. "Putting God Back in Politics," review of The Naked Public Square by Cox, New York Times Book Review, Aug. 26: 11

1984. "The Revival of God: Religion in the Secular City: Toward a Postmodern Theology," book review by John A. Coleman, New York Times Book Review, March 4: 2, 36-37

1984. "Vision for a Bright Economic Future," The New York Times, Sun., Nov. 18: 2F

1985. NICA correspondence

1985. "The Trial of Jesus," The New York Times, April 5: A27

1986. "In the Pulpit and on the Barricades," review of Reinhold Niebuhr by Cox, New York Times Book Review, Jan. 5: 1, 24-25

n.d. Bibliography

n.d. Bibliography

n.d. Biography (resume)

n.d. "The Good News Via Mass Media: A contradiction? Can Gospel be Communicated without Risking Response and Derision?"

n.d. "Learn About Nicaragua"

n.d. Patterns of Grace: Human Experience as Word of God, book review by Cox, Union Seminary Quarterly Review: 219-222

n.d. "The Secular City," study guide

n.d. Solitude in Society: A sociological Study in French Literature, book review by Cox: 49-51

n.d. "The Women's Movement and Family Life: Two Views," 20-23

n.d. Vertical File Inventory


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