Harvard Divinity School Faculty Writings File

bMS 13001/single files/1 (10): Writings of George A. Buttrick

Contents of Folder

1926. "Keepers of the Springs," The Church Tower, Vol. 3, No. 3: 1-5

1954. "The University Pulpit," Harvard Alumni Bulletin: 109

1955. "New Religious Interest at Harvard," Montgomery, Alabama Journal, April 27

1955. "Preacher Teaches Harvard Teaches," The Christian Monitor, Tuesday, April 5

1956. "Harvard Divinity Preacher," Lawrence, Massachusetts Tribune, March 14

1959. "Buttrick Will Retire as University Preacher," The Crimson, Tuesday, Nov. 3

1980. "George Arthus Buttrick, 1892-1979, Harvard, 1955-60"

1980. "A Service of Thanksgiving for the Life of George Arthur Buttrick, D.D. '60" held at The Memorial Church

1983. "Faculty of Arts and Sciences-Memorial Minute: George Buttrick," Harvard Gazette, April: 7, 15


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