Harvard Divinity School Faculty Writings File

bMS 13001/Adams: Writings of J. L. Adams

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Box 1

1901. Vertical File Inventory

1924. "The Angel's Revolt", student magazine co-edited by J. L. Adams

1929. Gesellschaft VI, rough translation

1932. Review of On Being Creative: And Other Essays, Oct.: 1-24

1933. "The Congregational Idea": 1-8

1934. "Contemporary Thought Around the World", The Christian Register, Vol. 113, No. 37, October: 603-606

1936. Untitled paper

1938. Untitled paper

1939. "American Churchman Sees Parish Raided By Nazis", News About Niemoeller, July

1939. "Taking Time Seriously", The Christian Century, Sept.: 1-8

1939. "How Their Minds Have Changed", The Christian Century, Nov.: 1-2

1939. "Doctor Adams' Letter", Protestant Digest, July: 1-7

1941. Review of Die Bedeutung der Religions-Geschichte fur die Theologie Rudolf Ottos, Journal of Religion, Vol. XXI, Jan.: 69-70

1941. "Frontiers of Freedom", Radio Broadcast, Oct.: 1-4

1941. "Irving Babbitt: Man and Teacher, Chapter XXXI", from Irving Babbitt: Man and Teacher, 1-5

1942. On Being Human--The Liberal Way, 3-26

1943. "The Changing Reputation of Human Nature", The Journal of Liberal Religion, Winter, 1-48

1943. Review of Science, Philosophy, and Religion, The Journal of Religion, Vol. XXIII, Oct.: 292-293

1944. "The Religious Problem", from New Perspectives of Peace, 1-16

1945. "Orthodox Church and Soviet State", The Protestant, Feb.: 14-17

1945. "The Law of Nature in Greco-Roman Thought", The Journal of Religion, Vol. XXV, No. 2, April: 97-117

1945. "The Evil That Good Men Do", The Maine Church Exchange, Vol. 11, No. 1, Spring

1945. "The Law of Nature: Some General Considerations", The Journal of Religion, Vol. XXV, No. 2, April: 1-9

1945. Notes for article

1945. "Crystalizing Unitarian Beliefs", Lecture Series

1946. "Should the United States Have an Embassy at the Vatican": 1-3

1946. "A Faith for Free Men", Together We Advance: 45-65

1947. "The Prophethood of All Believers", The Christian Register, March: 1-4

1947. "Unitarians Unite!", Report of the Commission on Planning and Review, Oct.:3-35

1948. Extract of "Impact of Modern Thought on Unitarianism", The Inquirer, Oct.: 321

1948. "Affirmative Liberalism", Anniversary Sermon, May: 1-11

1948. "Liberal Education for Liberals", The Christian Register, May

1950. "Natural Religion and the "Myth" of the Eighteenth Century", the Dudleian Lecture for the Academic Year 1949-1950, Harvard University, April: 17-32

1950. "Protestantism and the Problem of Power", Winter

1950. "Social Morality and Medical Care", a commentary on Frank G. Dickinson's article entitled "Social Morality and the "Cradle-to-the-Grave" Philosophy", Oct.: 1-9

1950. Changing Roles of the Ministry Today: Sociological Factors and Theological Implications": 1-11

1950. "Basic Causes of Progress and Decay in Civilization", from Orientation in Religious Education: 61-74

1951. Review of "The Foot of Pride": 12

1952. Selected Bibliography

1952. "Our Responsibility in Society": 43-62

1953. "The Chief End of Man", Sermon, Dec.: 39-47

1954. "Who Has Faith in Man?", The University of Chicago Round Table, Radio Broadcast, No. 829 Feb.: 1-16

1955. Review of Christianity, Communism, and History, Bulletin of Crozier Theological Seminary, Vol. 47, No. 3, April: 11

1955. "Religion and the Ideologies", Confluence, Vol. 4, No. 1, April: 72-84

1956. "Notes on the Study of Gould Farm", Cooperative Living, Vol. VII, No. 1, Winter: 8-10

1956. "The Political Responsibility of the Man of Culture", Societe Europeenne de Culture: 1-15

1957. Portrait

1957. "Changing Frontiers: Vanishing and Emerging", Address delivered to the Unitarian Christian Fellowship, May

1957. "From the Essenes to the Kibbutzim", Land Reborn: The Holy Land and the Contemporary Near East, August: 13-16

1957. "The Ages of Liberalism", Journal of Religious Thought, Vol. XIV, No. 2, Spring-Summer: 101-117

1957. "The Uses of Diversity", Convocation Address delivered at the Memorial Church, Sept.: 3-17

Box 2

1958. Cover Photograph, The Unitarian Register, Oct

1958. "The Social Import of the Professions", Address given at the Twenty-First Biennial Meeting of the American Association of Theological Schools, June: 2-18

1958. "The Uses of Diversity Convocation Address", Official Register of Harvard University, Vol. LV, No. 7, Volume Number 23, April: 49-64

1958. "Return to Religion: Dr. Adams Subject at Tuesday Forum", Boston Globe, April 27

1959. "Nuclear Energy and Christian Perspectives", Summary of Speech: 39-43

1959. "Initiative and Response", The Unitarian Christian, Vol. 15, No. 1, Oct.: 3-5, 17

1960. Preface to Dimensions of Faith: Contemporary Prophetic Protestant Theology, Twayne Publishers, New York: 7-13

1960. "Some Uses of Analogy in Religious and Social Thought", Proceedings of the Sixth International Congress for the History of Religions: 469-474

1961. Review of Existence and Faith: Shorter Writings of Rudolf Bultmann, The Perkins School of Theology Journal, Fall: 53-54

1961. Curriculum Vitae

1961. Invitational Letter, Oct.

1961. Syllabus for "Protestantism and Voluntary Associations", Ethics 183, Harvard Divinity School, Autumn Term

1962. Review of The Great Ideas Today, Encyclopedia Britannica: 23-24

1962. "Centerstance: An Essay on the Purposes of a Liberal Arts Education", The Liberal Context, Winter: 9-11

1962. "The Study of Christian Social Ethics at the Divinity School", Harvard Divinity Bulletin, April: 11-21

1962. Forward of "The Real Meaning of Communism as a Challenge to American Protestantism", Wisconsin Council of Churches

1962. "Report from the Vatican Council", The Unitarian Christian, Vol. 18, No. 2, Dec.: 13-14

1962. "Evangelism and the Intellectual", Decision, Oct.: 8-9

1962. "Evangelism and the Intellectual", Decision, Nov.: 6-7

1963. "Der Gebrauch der Analogie in der Sozialphilosophic", Studia Philosophica, Vol.XXIII: 1-17

1963. "Kirche und Gruppe: Beitrag zu einer christlichen Lehre vom Beruf", Public Lecture, Berlin, May: 1-18

1963. "Fresh Air into the Church", Challenge, Vol. 1, No. 3, Jan.: 8-9

1963. "Amerika--ein Land der Hoffnung / Die Kirchen und die Neger", Evangelische Verantwortung, July: 8-11

1964. "We Wrestle Against Principalities and Powers", Sermon at the Ordination of Dr. Hans Rosenwald, First Parish, Cambridge, June: 1-7

1964. "We Cannot Rest on Reputation: Our Department of Social Responsibility", Unitarian Universalist Register-Leader, Dec.

1964. Curriculum Vitae

1965. Biographical Sketch, April

1966. "The Indispensable Discipline of Social Responsibility", Journal of the Liberal Ministry, Vol. VI, No. 2: 80-86

1966. Memorandum, Mar

1966. Testimony, Judicial Review, March: 1-7

1966. "2 Professors to Testify in Senate Today", The Harvard Crimson, Vol. CXXXXIIII, No. 28, Thursday, March 10

1966. "Adams Opposes Federal Assistance to Religious Schools Before Senate", Vol. CXXXXIIII, No. 29, Friday, March 11

1966. "Kessler Lectures, May 5-6, to Feature Noted Harvard Theologian", The Hamma

Bulletin, Vol. 4, No. 3, Spring

1966. Birthday Announcement, Nov.

1966. Statement, Judicial Review, March: 163-178

1967. "The Place of Discipline in Christian Ethics", The Crane Review, Spring: 138-148

1967. "Our Unconquered Past", The Unitarian Christian, Vol 23, No. 3, Fall: 3-5

1967. Biographical Sketch

1967. "The Playboy Panel: Religion and the New Morality", Playboy: 55-78, 148-161

1967. "Exiles, Trapped in a Welfare State", The Unitarian Christian, Vol. 22, No. 4, Winter: 3-9

1967. "Music as a Means of Grace", The Crane Review, Fall: 42-45

Box 3

1968. "Theokratie, Kapitalismus, und Demokratie: Eine Kritik an Max Webers Darstellung der protestantischen Ethik": 247-267

1968. "Civil Disobedience: Its Occasions and Limits", Perspectives 1968: 7-12

1968. Outline of "Civil Disobedience: Its Occasions and Limits"

1968. "A Tribute to James Luther Adams", Godbox, Vol. II, No. 3, Winter: 22-31

1969. "The Purpose of a Liberal Arts Education", Journal of the Liberal Ministry, Vol. IX, No.2, Spring: 3-8

1969. "Blessed are the Powerful", The Christian Century, June: 838-841

1969. "Bright Shoots of Everlastingness", Sermon preached on the occasion of rededicating the Prayer Chapel at Old Cambridge Baptist Church, Feb.: 1-6

1969. "The Grotesque and Our Future", UUA Now, July: 10-11

1969. Syllabus for "Religious Socialism", Autumn

1969. "Religion, Politics, Economics and Social Issues", XX Congress of the IARF, July: 15- 17

1970. "Annual Reports of Standing Committees: Church and State", Civil Liberties Bulletin, Summer: 4

1970. "Civil Disobedience: Its Occasions and Limits", Political and Legal Obligation: Nomos XII: 293-331

1971. "Statement before Board of Directors", Massachusetts Council of Churches, Feb.: 1-7

1971. "Report to Harper & Row", August: 1-3

1971. "Voluntary Associations in Search of Identity", Journal of Current Social Issues, Autumn: 15-22

1971. "State Aid to Parochial Schools", Journal of the Liberal Ministry, Vol. XI, No. 2, Spring: 12-15

1971. "Churches and Social Reforms: By Their Groups Shall Ye Know Them", Lecture, 1-13

1971. "Music, the Language of Hope", Arlington Street Church, Nov.: 1-7

1971. "The Voluntary Principle in the Forming of American Religion", The Religion of the Republic: 217-246

1971. "The Protestant Ethic with Fewer Tears", In the Name of Life: 174-190

1972. Forward to Voluntary Action Research: 1972: xiii-xvi

1972. "From Hitler to Chicago, he found bias", Chicago Daily News, Dec. 2-3

1972. Appendix of "Consultation on a Proposed Center for Ethics and Society", May: 1-2

1972. "Declaration de l'Universite do Montevideo", Comprendre, No. 12: 169

1972. "Lettres de M. James Luther Adams, professeur a l'Universite de Chicago", Comprendre, No. 15: 146

1972. "Lettre de M. James Luther Adams", Comprendre, No. 16: 114-115

1972. "Lettre de M. James Luther Adams, professeur a l'Universite de Harvard", Comprendre,

No. 21-22: 334

1972. Letter, Comprendre, No. 25: 226

1972. "Extraits de la correspondance entre M. James L. Adoms et M. Compagnolo", Comprendre, No. 29-30: 320-321

1972. "Lettres de M. James Luther Adams", Comprendre, No. 13-14: 203-204

1972. "Jamers Luther Adams: The Christian Actionist as a Man of Culture", Perkins Journal, Fall: 14-17

1973. Biography, March: 1-7

1973. "Aging: a Theological Interpretation", The Unitarian Universalist Christian, Vol. 28, No. 2-3, Summer/Autumn: 4-15

1974. "The Geography and Organization of Social Responsibility", Union Seminary Quarterly Review, Vol. XXIX, No. 3 & 4, Spring & Summer: 245-260

1975. Interview transcript, J. L. Adams recalls Dr. Shailer Mathews [sic], July: 1-6

1975. Review of A Stream of Light, Unitarian Universalist World, Vol. 6, No. 6, April 1

1976. Bibliography

1976. "A Bibliography of the Writings of James Luther Adams", by John Wilcox

1976. James Luther Adams Festival Program, May 23

1976. Article fragment, Unitarian Universalist World, June 15

1976. "God and Economics", UU World, July 15

1976. "The Fundamentalist Far Right Rides Again: Congress Attacks "Secular Humanism"", The Humanist, Vol. XXXVI, No. 5, Sept.-Oct.: 8-9

1976. "Honoring James Luther Adams at 75", Kairos, No. 5, Autumn

1976. "VIP Visitors at Gould Farm", Gould Farm News, Vol. 43, No. 2, Summer

1977. Portraits from: Special Issue: James Luther Adams at 75, The Unitarian Universalist Christian, Vol. 32, No. 1-2, Spring/Summer

1977. Invitation to an evening in honor of Dr. James Luther Adams, Tufts University, Oct. 17

1977. Memorandum to Peter Oliver, Oct. 24

1977. "James Luther Adams and the Unitarian Denomination", Andover Newton Quarterly, Vol. 17, No. 3, Jan.: 173-183

1977. "UU Chronology", Andover Newton Quarterly, Vol. 17, No. 3, Jan: 184-185

1977. "James Luther Adams as Theological Ethicist", Andover Newton Quarterly, Vol. 17, No. 3, Jan: 186-194

1977. "A Transcription (unrevised) of Three Lectures: The Prophetic Covenant and Social Concern, The New Narcissism: Dissolution of Covenant, Congregational Polity and Covenant", delivered at the Winter Institute of the Meadville/Lombard Theological School, Chicago, Jan.: 1-58

Box 4

1978. "The Enduring Validity of Congregational Polity", Criterion, Vol. 17, No. 1, Winter: 7-11

1978. "Letter from Friedrich von Hugel to William James", Journal of the American Academy of Religion, Dec.: 1101-1134

1979. Letter awarding J.L. Adams the degree of Doctor of Human Letters at Middlebury College, Vermont, May

1979. "World Religions' Contributions to Peace", The Christian Century, Oct.: 1040-1043

1979. "A Faith for Free Persons", CLF News Bulletin, Oct.: 6

1980. "Letter from Friedrich von Hugel to William James", the Downside Review, Vol. 98, No. 332, July: 214-236

1980. "Liberal Religion: An Unfinished Struggle", Unitarian Universalist World, Vol. 11, No. 3,


1980. "The Vocation of the Lawyer", Mercer Law Review, Vol. 31, No. 2, Winter: 531-544

1981. "Dedicatory Letters to Professor Jerome Hall", Hastings Law Review, Vol. 32, No. 6, July: 1379-1380

1981. Letter from the James Luther Adams Foundation, May 18

1981. Ordination Sermon for Reverend Jon Luopa, First Church, Worcester, MA, Sept. 27

1981. "Fishing with Nets", delivered to the congregation of the UU Church in Cherry Hill, NJ

1981. "J.L. Adams honored on 80th birthday", Unitarian Universalist World, Vol. 12, No. 15, Dec.

1981. "The Still Small Voice", Arlington St. Church, Dec

1982. "Charles Eliot Norton", The American Academy of Arts and Sciences Bulletin, Vol. XXXV, No. 6, March: 11-22

1983. "Law & Lawyers in Arms Control and Peacemaking Conference", Feb

1984. "James Luther Adams: Radicalism", Unitarian Universalist World, Vol. 15, No. 1, Jan.: 4

1985. Letter, May 20

1985. "The Vocation of the Ministry", Lowell Lecture at the Cambridge Forum, June: 1-9

1986. "JLA: Celebrating his 85 Years", Order of Service, Arlington Street Church, Nov.

1988. "On James Luther Adams", by William Johnson Everett, Theology Today, Vol. XLV, No. 1, April: 79-83

1988. "James Luther Adams: The Smiling Prophet at 86", by Susan Tresch Fienberg, The World, Vol. II, No. 4, Jul./Aug.: 14-17

1988. "On Being Human Religiously", a Sermon by Thomas Mikelson, (Letter, Order of Service, and short biography of JLA attached), First Parish in Brookline, Mar. 1-9

1988. "JLA at Home: A Conversation in Six Parts with James Luther Adams, A New Videotape", Order form and description

1989. "The Good Samaritan", Faith and Freedom: a Journal of Progressive Religion, Vol. 42, Part 1, No. 124, Spring: 31-35

1991. Invitation to J.L. Adams' 90th Birthday Party, Nov.

1994. "James Luther Adams, 92, Theologian and Ethicist", New York Times, 7/30/94

1994. "James Adams, 91", Boston Globe, 7/29/94

1994. "A Celebration of Life: James Luther Adams", Order of Service,

1994. Letter announcing J. L. Adams' death, Harvard Divinity School, Aug.

1994. Letter announcing J.L. Adams' death, The James Luther Adams Foundation, Sept.

1994. Order of Service, Arlington Street Church, Oct. 23

1994. "James Luther Adams, noted theologian, 92", Boston Herald, 10/13/94

1994. "Theologian, Ethicist, Author James Luther Adams, Dies", Harvard Gazette, Vol. LXXXIX, No. 43, Aug.: 2, 9

1994. "James Luther Adams Dies", Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Vol. 24, No. 1: 2

1995. "A Charismatic Sage: James Luther Adams, 1901-1994", Harvard Divinity Bulletin, Vol. 24, No. 2: 4-5

n.d. "Annual Award for Distinguished Service to the Cause of Liberal Religion to James Luther Adams from the Unitarian Universalist Association"

n.d. "Sin and Salvation", A paper read at the Chicago Philosophy of Religion Association: 1-8

n.d. "Mediating Structure and the Separation of Powers", Democracy and Mediating Structures, 1-33

n.d. "Chapter IX: The Lure of Persuasion: Some Themes from Whitehead", Process Philosophy and Social Thought, Center for the Scientific Study of Religion, Chicago: 115-131

n.d. "Personal Encounters with European Theologians of the 1930's", Flyer, Feb.

n.d. Review of Approaches to National Unity, Fifth Symposium of the conference on Science, Philosophy, and Religion, Harper & Bros.

n.d. Bibliography

n.d. "Rudolf Sohm's Theology of Law of the Spirit", Religion and Culture: Essays in Honor of Paul Tillich: 219-235

n.d. "The Grace of Staying Together and Growing Together: Comments on the Ecumenical Movement":1-6

n.d. "Changing Roles of the Ministry Today: Sociological Factors and Theological Implications": 1-11

n.d. "The Ethical Reality and Function of the Church", A Memorandum by the Chicago Ecumenical Discussion Group: 1-14

n.d. Letter, Adams' appointed Professor of Theology and Religious Ethics at the University of Chicago Divinity School

n.d. "Honoring James Luther Adams", Unitarian World

n.d. Review of Christianity and Democracy, by Jaques Maritain

n.d. Review of Ressentiment, by Max Scheler: 1-3

n.d. "Liberal Christianity and Social Problems", for Ideas and Facts: 1-5

n.d. Review of The Religion of Philosophers, by James H. Dunham: 1-3

n.d. Review of Labor's Relation to Church and Community: A Series of Addresses, edited by Liston Pope

n.d. Review of Lust for Power, by Joseph Haroutunian

n.d. Review of Religious Liberty, by Cecil Northcott

n.d. Review of Essays in the History of Ideas, by Arthur O. Lovejoy: 1-6

n.d. JLA Festival, Flyer

n.d. "A Faith for Liberals to Live By", an outline: 1-2

n.d. "Liberal Christianity and Modern Social Problems", for Ideas and Facts: 1-3

n.d. "A Bibliography of Recent Literature on Liberalism"

n.d. Introduction to Outlines of Church History, Beacon Press, Boston: ix-xv

n.d. "Bibliography on Power", Federated Theological Faculty, The University of Chicago

n.d. "Glossary of Terms", used in Prof. J.L. Adams Seminar: 1-2

Box 5

Selected Essays of Ernst Troeltsch, edited by James Luther Adams and Walter F. Bense.
My Books (an autobiographical essay by Ernst Troeltsch, translated by F.H. Littell, revised by Walter Bense); Political Ethics and Christianity (1904); Religion, Economics and Society (1913); Renaissance and Reformation (1913); Adolf Von Harnack and Ferdinand Christian Von Baur (1921); Christian Natural Law (1913); Stoic-Christian Natural Law and Modern Secular Natural Law (1911); The Social Philosophy of Christianity (1922); Faith (1910); Historical and Dogmatic Method in Theology (1898); Modern Philosophy of History (1904); The Essence of the Modern Spirit (1907); On the Question of the Religious A Priori: A Reply to the Observations of Paul Spiess (1909); The Church in the Life of the Present (1911); Logos and Mythos in Theology and Philosophy of Religion (1913); Rival Methods for the Study of Religion; The Dispositional Ethic (1908); Max Weber (1920)

Box 6

copy of  Selected Essays of Ernst Troeltsch, as found in box 5.

Box 7

1969. Historicisms and Its Problems, vol I, The logical problem of the philosophy of history by Ernst Troeltsch, translated by S. MacLean Gilmour

Box 8

2001. April 30th. The Fifth Annual James Luther Adams Forum on Religion and Society. "James Luther Adams: the Theologian and his Theology of the Arts" Videotape by Dr. Wilson Yates, President of United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities at Unity Church, St. Paul, Minnesota.

2002. February 6th. The Sixth Annual James Luther Adams Forum on Religion and Society. "Faith and Law in a Multicultural World" Audiocassette tape by Harold Berman, Professor at Emory Law School, Emory Law School, Atlanta, Georgia.


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