Wayland Interfaith Clergy Association

c/o Church of the Holy Spirit
169 Rice Rd
Wayland, MA 01778
Phone: 508/655-7224
Fax: 508/358-6137
Email: rector@chswayland.org

Contact Person:


Organization Description:

The Wayland Clergy Association is a local interfaith association of ministerial leaders representing ten Christian, Jewish, Muslim, and Unitarian Universalist congregations in Wayland, MA. As an interfaith association we seek to promote understanding and cooperation among the various congregations, professional collegiality among their leaders, support social service and educational organizations in the wider community, and offer thoughtful programs on timely issues from religious/ethical perspectives. The Association meets monthly for program planning, and professional learning and support. Recent programs have included a youth class on comparative religions, a similar adult series, a ministers' group for reflection on ministerial practice, youth service days, a concert for international relief, an interfaith dialogue series, and advocacy for local issues, e.g. housing and domestic abuse prevention. The Association is represented on several Town Boards and organizations, such as those dealing with low income housing and youth social work, and maintains supportive relationships with local public school and safety officials. The Association also works in conjunction with the Wayland/Weston Interfaith Action Group to support its lay-led initiatives. The Wayland Clergy Association has a long history of commitment and support for interfaith ministry.

Opportunities for Student Involvement:

The student's work will focus on learning about the life of a local interfaith organization and its constituent congregations, and implementing at least one major program during the year. The work largely involves teaching at both youth and adult levels, and affords ample opportunities for the student both to teach and design learning events and programs. Learning opportunities for the student may include program/lesson planning and implementation, teaching of youth and/or adults, fostering dialogue and cooperation across religious difference, learning about the different religious traditions represented in the Association (Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Unitarian Universalist) and their relationships with each other, facilitating adult and youth learning about religious difference, organizing cooperative community service involving people from the various faith communities, and promoting awareness of religious difference in the wider community. Expectations of the student will include, attending monthly meetings of the Wayland Clergy Association (as possible, given the student's class schedule), assisting with the planning and production of at least one or two events/programs during the course of the year, facilitating connections among the member congregations for the purpose of interfaith learning and service (e.g. arrange time/place for a Christian young people's Confirmation class to meet with a class of Jewish young people preparing for Bat Mitzvah/Bar Mitzvah), visiting each member congregation at least once in the course of each semester for a service of worship or other major gathering of the congregation's/clergy's choosing, and meeting weekly with the supervisor and periodically with a site advisory committee (comprised of clergy from the Association) for reflection.

Commute/Transportation Information:

Wayland is a suburban MetroWest town, affluent, and religiously diverse with all its houses of worship in near proximity to each other; the community is notable for the variety of religious congregations housed in its relatively small geographic area. Wayland is characterized by high energy/high pressure lifestyles, excellent public schools, many children/youth, adults over 30, families, and a sizeable senior population. Wayland is not served directly by public transportation, although trains come to nearby Natick, Framingham, and Lincoln - each about three miles away. Some use of a car is necessary.

Arts of Ministry Competencies Offered:

  • Administration and Program Development
  • Public Leadership, Community Organizing, and Planning
  • Religious Education and Spiritual Development


The student will meet weekly with the supervisor and periodically with a site advisory committee comprised of other clergy from the Wayland Clergy Association. Supervisory meetings will include theological reflection, program planning, discussion of successes and challenges in the interfaith environment, and feedback. There will be opportunities for meetings and learning relationships with clergy and lay leaders of the congregations.

Additional Information:

  • Number of Students: 1
  • Total Compensation: $5000.00
  • Type of Compensation: Direct Pay from Site

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