Good Shepherd Lutheran Church

308 W Squantum St
North Quincy, MA 02171
Phone: 617/328-8348

Contact Person:

Ms Alissa Jamisen Oleson

Organization Description:

Shepherd Lutheran Church is a congregation of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and hosts and partners with Good Neighbor Lutheran Church - a Mission Development congregation serving the large and vibrant Chinese community (Cantonese speaking) in Quincy, Massachusetts. The congregation delights in working with Field Education students and interns and in receiving the new ideas and fresh perspectives students bring to the ministry. Good Shepherd identifies as an Reconciling-in-Christ (RIC) congregation in intentional joyful ministry with LGBT persons and families.

Opportunities for Student Involvement:

A Field Education student would be part of a unique ministry setting in which an established Scandinavian-descent congregation intentionally supports new outreach ministry with its Chinese neighbors. The student would have the opportunity for reflection/supervision with the pastors of both ministries and learn more about one approach to proclaiming the Gospel in a diverse multi-ethnic and multi-cultural community. The student would also enjoy the flexibility to set up a learning experience most helpful to the learning goals and needs of the student. If the student is bi-lingual (English and Cantonese) the student could preach in both ministry settings.

Commute/Transportation Information:

We are easily accessible by the Red Line T (North Quincy stop on the Braintree train). A car would not be necessary for this ministry site.

Arts of Ministry Competencies Offered:

  • Administration and Program Development
  • Denominational Polity
  • Pastoral Care and Counseling
  • Preaching and Worship
  • Public Leadership, Community Organizing, and Planning
  • Religious Education and Spiritual Development


Weekly supervision. If helpful to the student, supervision sessions could alternate between pastors of both ministries in order to get a full flavor of ministry at the site.

Additional Information:

  • Number of Students: 1
  • Total Compensation: $6000.00
  • Type of Compensation: Direct Pay from Site

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