HDS 4045

Advanced Seminar in Modern Hebrew: Israeli Culture: Cinema and Literature

Irit Aharony


This course constitutes the final level of Modern Hebrew language studies. The course offers representative readings and screenings from contemporary Israeli literature and cinema, and it forms bases of discussion on major cultural and linguistic themes through academic readings. We will focus on the theme of the family in Israeli culture and relationships between fathers and sons in "Far away Islands"; "Book of Intimate Grammar"; the new series "Shtissel"; and more. Note: Discussions, papers, movies and texts presented only in Hebrew. Not open to auditors. Prerequisite: Modern Hebrew 130b (HDS 4043) or equivalent.

Enrollment Limited: No
Open to BTI Students: No
Jointly offered as Modern Hebrew 241r

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0.50 credits
Fall 2014
Tue Thu 1pm-3pm
FAS Sever Hall Room 304

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MTS Area(s) of Focus None
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Language Course Designation(s) Content language course