HDS 3414

Religious Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in Modern South Asia

Harpreet Singh


What prompts a person with a family to pick up a gun and join a militia? What drives a democratic state to engage in indiscriminate violence against its own citizens? Why do people frequently see George Washington as a "freedom fighter" but insurgents in Kashmir as "terrorists"? This course will consider such questions in the context of religious and ethnic conflict in modern South Asia. Using case studies on Gujarat, Kashmir, Panjab, and Nagaland, we will discuss the historical trajectory and dialectical interplay between different forms of nationalism led by Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Nagas in the colonial and post-colonial periods. Materials to be examined will be drawn from a wide range of sources, from theoretical texts and human rights reports to ethnographic accounts and films.

Enrollment Limited: No
Open to BTI Students: No
Jointly offered as South Asian Studies 190


0.50 credits
Spring 2014
Tues 3pm-5pm
FAS 1 Bow Street Room 330

Relationship to Program Requirements

Program Requirement Area / Category / Art / Designation
MTS Area(s) of Focus
  • Hindu Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Religion, Ethics, and Politics
  • Religion and the Social Sciences
  • South Asian Religious Traditions
MDiv Distribution Category/ies
  • South Asian Religions
MDiv Art(s) of Ministry None
Language Course Designation(s) None