HDS 3408

The Hindu Worlds

Neelima Shukla-Bhatt


This course will examine the constellation of distinct but interrelated religious traditions of South Asia generally entitled "Hinduism." We will explore important texts of ritual injunctions, philosophical reflection, moral codes and devotional expression in poetry that have laid conceptual foundations for Hindu religious life in different historical contexts. We will look at canonical and non-canonical practices from different strata of the Hindu society giving a special consideration to those of women and low castes. Focusing on key concepts of dharma (duty) and bhakti (devotion), we will also consider how Hindus have attempted to understand and shape their worlds in India and in the diaspora.

Enrollment Limited: Limited to 25 students. Instructor's permission required.
Open to BTI Students: Yes


0.50 credits
Fall 2013
Thurs 2pm-4pm
Divinity Hall Room 211

Relationship to Program Requirements

Program Requirement Area / Category / Art / Designation
MTS Area(s) of Focus
  • Comparative Studies
  • Hindu Studies
  • South Asian Religious Traditions
MDiv Distribution Category/ies
  • Hinduism
MDiv Art(s) of Ministry None
Language Course Designation(s) None