HDS 2371

American Revelations

David Holland


This course will consider a number of key historical episodes in which American religious figures claimed to receive divine revelation. From the ad hoc prophets (such as Anne Hutchinson and Tenskwatawa) to the scripture writers (such as Joseph Smith and Ellen White), from the African American organizers (including Nat Turner and Father Divine) to the advocates of natural revelation (including Theodore Parker and Margaret Fuller), this course will examine the contexts, contents and implications of the claim that God still speaks to Americans.

Enrollment Limited: Limited to 20 students. Instructor's permission required.
Open to BTI Students: Yes


0.50 credits
Expected to be offered Fall 2015
Wed 2pm-4pm
Course location to be announced.

Relationship to Program Requirements

Program Requirement Area / Category / Art / Designation
MTS Area(s) of Focus
  • African and African American Religious Studies
  • Religions of the Americas
  • Religion, Literature, and Culture
MDiv Distribution Category/ies
  • Christianity
MDiv Art(s) of Ministry None
Language Course Designation(s) None